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    KH2 europpean release date !!

    damn that is annoying i wish it was 3 days later thatn america like Dragon Ball Z tenkaichi
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    Please answer anyone

    hey be quiet i have been waiting for long and you are rubiing it in my face
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    Please answer anyone

    anyone know about the u.k release date
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    Out of Curiosity what is the world that never was

    Out of Curiosity what is the world that never was
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    Who Agrees

    Okay who agrees before the game came out it was all the excitement of all the new info that the people on the forums would find out but now it has come out people havent wrote new info like the #1 org member and now people are moanining about i am stuck on an easy bit on Kh1 and o my god i so...
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    KH2 opening

    It is when marluxia is whaking the keyblade away
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    Title Music

    On the title Of Kh where it said New Game or Load Game well in Kh2 the song for it would either be the same or that song without singing in the early KH2 trailers
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    Any Idea. My cause spoilers soon

    Any idea how the #1 Org member is. Thunder noise in background and red flames.
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    i am in England so it isnt comin out until aprilish so is it good
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    true but then again she was controlled by the Org and also KH CoM it was optional to go in the chamber egg thing
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    but then who is the silver haured unknown and it cant be Zexion because his hair is too short for the unknown
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    i already knew it was Roxas anyway because he is the opposite of sora and sora fights the org
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    who the hell is No.1
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    Poll: How many of you have resisted the spoilers???

    i dont want the game to be spoiled i just wanted to you know uncover the shell if you will. What idiot would want to see the ending of KH2 it is just stupid. You wait for months for a release of a ggame. when it comes out you download the ending