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  • It does indeed suck... :( So are you here to stay awhile or just checking in for a litte bit?
    It does indeed suck... :( So are you here to stay awhile or just checking in for a litte bit?
    I think she spammed some website "in the name of KHI" which could get the owner of KHI in a lot of trouble. So they had no choice but to ban her. :(
    My past names have been qwe, Endless Flames, and Crimson Soul. If it helps I remember talking to you alot with Ultima Star(Karen), and Miss Murder(Lucy) before she got banned. It's ok if you don't remember me, I'm not that easy to remember. Kind of a nobody.
    Oh I see. That explains it! XD
    Interesting thread? Hmm....what do you have in mind in terms of interesting? Honestly I look around the forums but I'm beginning to wane interest with exception of probably some of the threads in the forum insanity section. :p
    Awww it's an honor to meet you as well!
    You were one of the few people from back when that I actually enjoyed talking to!
    Yes, it was good times! I haven't Bleach to be honest...but I still like it.
    Hey there! So like I only remembered you because I saw your name and remembered that Bleach fanclub that Blue or you or somebody started in the Fanclubs section. Wait was that you?

    Oh btw I was Sweet Sensation/Snow Candy/Candy Fair back if you can recall.
    I have added what you asked and it is the most powerful form of Bryce. I hope you can survive my attacks.
    Hah, yeah that shit can get confusing. I haven't changed in 2 years, and can't say that I plan on doing it anytime soon.
    Things here have been good. Pretty much about the same as always.

    And yeah a shitload's changed since you've been gone.
    Well shit, published writer? Congrats man. And yeah I added you on MSN Messenger.

    I've been solid. Junior year stress is all.
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