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  • I am not here! I don't rp anymore! i am actually working on a novel so I have no time to rp and also being in school is busy! Good luck in college! It is great but very hard so don't slack!
    Yu win. I'm not feelin anything rite now after this horrible nite. I don't wanna post and it's not to the best of my ability.
    Holy Crap. I did not realize what date it was.Give me time to post. I got school in the morning so, I WILL post tomorrow.
    things are goin alright
    i have no idea
    i recently just started poppin in
    maybe a week ago
    so i have no idea haha
    I will be posting tomorrow.. the 19th i presume. I like to take my time with battles. Gives me a full range to think and do other things. Looking for jobs is rather had in this day and age.
    Well you can post one if you want. i'll warn you you'll want to be specific on your notions. my characters are seriously scary lol.
    Dude people can't even beat me. Nuff said about how I rp.

    I mean that a lot of stuff with mods and rules and riff raff have happened. NoObs and disrespect and all that good stuff.

    Since you left I've become like the most dangerous rper on the site :) *gloats* I do enjoy a lot of what happens here, but the site did take quite a few turns for the worse and noObs are everywhere. but i suppose we all just deal and move on.

    I got pretty beastly with GFX too.
    I'll agree, I missed seeing you around the forums. i think the last time we chatted was like 2 years ago on MSN, and then you just poofed.

    So what are you up to these days??
    You know me.

    Lets see. tavishmithos, Shattered Redemption, Shadalicious Reminisce, Ubiquitous Apparatus, Reforge Ubiquity, Ubiquity...

    and now Ubi Ty.
    HEY! How are you??? I just never come on anymore because everyone left for a while and I lost my rp buddies so how is everything with you?
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