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    Comic - Con Returns

    Comic con is back in san diego is anyone going besides me?? im dressing up as blind folded Riku and yes i have an oblivion keyblade and a (home made) org. suit
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    Did you guys see the new ipod?

    the new ipod has comeout ipod nano and ipod media player: http://www.apple.com/ipod/ipod.html do you like ipods? if so which kind do you have/want?:D
  3. Dark Aura

    sound track?

    is there gonna be a new soundtrack if so where and when can i get it the first soundtrack was good :D and wut songs will there be???
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    top 10 favorite songs or bands

    list the top 10 favorite bands or songs u like in order from least 2 greatest 1 Green Day 2 Jesus of suburbia 3 Poprocks and coke 4 warning 5 minority 6 Blink 182 7 first date 8 simple plan 9 shut up 10 Good Charlotte
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    valor or wizdom

    who do u guys think will win in a battle sora in valor form or in wizdom? :confused:
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    Trick or treating?

    if any of u are goin trick or treating as a kh2 charachter tell me:o im goin as Axel:D if not tell me who you are goin as anyways....FREE CANDY ppl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
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    Tak and the power of juju

    do any of u guys know the game tak and the power of juju? i luv it espically the spirit world if u love this game post anything about it :D
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    KH3 ???????? real / fake

    Is this 4 real... kh3? do u think this is real:confused: go 2 http://images.google.com/images?svnum=10&lr=&q=heart+of+gold%2F+kingdom+hearts post what u think here
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    did u play kh2 how was it???

    omg shauni got 2 play it wtf how is it have u played it? if so How was it???
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    whic game is better KH or final fantacy?

    in your opinion which games were better KH or the final fantacy games?, i liked Kh because i havent played final fantacy b4. what do u think??? :confused:
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    do any of u know where i can get the organization coat or the oblivion key blade??? post links here if u know:)
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    who the heck is BHK? everyone is talkin about him who is he??? :confused:
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    do u know where i can get the move dark aura?

    i need the moving image dark aura to put for my sig do u know where i can find it :confused: please i need links soon!! :(
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    need help? click here

    if u need help i have guide books for kh and kh CoM open and ready. :)
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    awsome special attacks sora or anyone does in kh2

    if u kno any awesome moves post them here because i dont know anything from kh2. :(