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Recent content by Dark Aura

  1. Dark Aura

    Comic - Con Returns

    Comic con is back in san diego is anyone going besides me?? im dressing up as blind folded Riku and yes i have an oblivion keyblade and a (home made) org. suit
  2. Dark Aura

    favorite summon??

    I didnt use summons much in kh2 but yea Genie is probally the best
  3. Dark Aura

    Use Fenrir or Ultima

    i use neither because I like using forms where the keyblades are relitivly the same size.
  4. Dark Aura

    Kh1 last boss or Kh2 last boss? (Major spoilers)

    same Amsem was pathetic and weak xemnas is way better. :D
  5. Dark Aura

    Skip School for Kingdom Hearts 2?!

    i might skip XD i dunno yet depends on ow many other people do
  6. Dark Aura

    Fanfiction ► The Hybrid

    Coolness!!!! that was really good :D
  7. Dark Aura

    Fanfiction ► The Hybrid

    no problem ^_^ it was really good XD
  8. Dark Aura

    Fanfiction ► The Hybrid

    Thats awesome SS. keep writing them :D
  9. Dark Aura

    Fanfiction ► [:::Project -- Untitled:::]

    wow, that is quite impressive Monkeybutt.
  10. Dark Aura

    2 disk layer for KH2

    playing a bhk would be good though and where did you get this info what site?:confused:
  11. Dark Aura

    Did you guys see the new ipod?

    the new ipod has comeout ipod nano and ipod media player: http://www.apple.com/ipod/ipod.html do you like ipods? if so which kind do you have/want?:D
  12. Dark Aura

    Fanfiction ► da freakn'' bad @$$ warrior

    yea grammar........... but at least u used my name:D
  13. Dark Aura

    kh2 poster

  14. Dark Aura

    Nudity in KH2!?!?

    no way its disney!!!!! nudity is forbidden
  15. Dark Aura

    Noob Thread :d

    bhk and sora no doubt because of fusing