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  • When I say cancel out I mean, I added Zoidberg's Weezer suggestion, but at the same time, you were adding all your bands which took longer, so weezer wasn't in your edit box when you were editing. So wehn you finish, weezer won't be in the post anymore. dig? and a schedule would have to do. I take one week, you take the other, as we seem the most qualified to do so, I guess :v
    one of us has to be the only editor of the recommendation thread otherwise we're going to cancel each other out when editing his post.
    That's pretty lame. You should know the members of Sonic Youth. Thurston is the scrawny tall one. Kim is the sexy one who is like 5 years older than everyone else even though they all started old too. Lee is the tubby one.

    I thought you liked Speed Racer? What happened to your distasteful Speed Racer tie?

    Nice one.
    Really? I know Thurston's like 7ft tall, but he's pretty scrawny. Plus he's 50 now :v Is it wrong to find Kim Gordon sexy?

    Kind of. Apparently that movie got good afterwards.
    I was going to get Speed Racer originally, but my mum wouldn't like that. I really wanted to get this arty Hong Kong movie just because a Trail of Dead song is named after it. But I got my white chocolate flavoured Choc Dip from Blockbusters, so I'm pretty satistfied anyway c:

    There's a staff section?
    I guess you can't really trust a man who was in a band named after a manga called Rapeman. And apparently Sonic Youth beat him up on stage or some shit.
    Are you trying to imply that I am in a very troubled family?

    Oh, you are a mod. Yet you still have a green name. That's pretty unfair :c
    Speaking of music, movies etc.
    I'm listening to Slint right now. pretty cool, albeit hard to get into.
    And uh, I watched five minutes of this Italian film, but there was too much teen masturbation/sex. So I kind of left my parents on their own lol.
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