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    Mom Won't Let Go

    What am I supposed to do when I have a mother who refuses to let me go? She said that she has to sign permission for me to live in a dorm for my freshman year in college. (The rules at that college are that you are either married, live at home, or get a dorm for your freshman year). I honestly...
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    Books vs. Movies

    (If there has already been a thread on this, I'm sorry) Who likes books better than movies? Or movies better than books?
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    The Nightmare Before Christmas Fanclub!!!

    If there are one of these already, please delete this but... :thumbsup: TNBC ROCKS! And deserves to have its own fanclub!!!!:thumbsup:
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    Silence Of the Lambs

    *I didn't see a thread on this* The Hannibal books are really really good (I think they are better than the movies) Anyone agree?
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    Anita Blake Vampire Hunter

    (If there is a thread on this, sorry, I didn't see it) Has anyone on this site read the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter novels? I really really liked them (At least MOST of them *Shakes head at the last few*). A new one just came out, and I haven't read it yet, I'm hoping that it's good!
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    Unoffical "Battle Thread" Fanclub

    Yup, a fanclub for the thread, because I think that it is a wonderful place. Obviously, there are the people who get the credit (Whom I assume will show up on this thread...) From our Grand 'I made the wonderbar thread' Co-President: Ok well THANK YOU SO MUCH DWD!! Ok id like Haywire to be the...
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    >.< I've Got A Jar Of Dirt!!! Fanclub >.<

    Yep, this is a fanclub for the Jar of Dirt on POTC2! Everyone has to have loved that! 'I've got a jar of diiirt! I've got jar of diiirt! Guess what's in it!!?!' Ah, me!
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    ^_^The Happy Song Fanclub^_^

    Yep, you got it! This is a fanclub for The Happy Song! -click on the link in my siggy to hear the happy song- ALLL MUUUST BE CONVERTED TO IT'S WONDERFUL NESS!!!
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    Has anyone ever watched this show? I think it comes on BBC! It's the only good one that I've found on there :P Anyways! It's about a Fallen Angel and a witch! Anyone seen it?
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    L.J. Smith

    L.J. Smith is a wonderful author who writes a lot of good books. Her series' include: The Vampire Diaries The Forbidden Game The Night World Secret Circle Dark Visions. Has anyone ever read anything by her?
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    Help Me Please!!!

    Okay, it keeps randomly saying that my IP address is banned? It's been doing this since I first joined the site. I was reading my PM's, and it let me read three, then said my IP was banned. I don't get it. It just randomly does it, and then it goes away... I'd really appreciate it if someone...
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    So New

    Wow... I didn't know you could make your own little thread to intro yourself (And if you cannot, I've now and offocially made my first blond moment on this site... the first of many, I'm sure) Anyway, I'm Amanda, I'm 16... totally love KH, obviously, or I wouldn't be wandering around on this...