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  • lol, u sound so surprised. *chucks shoe at ur head* sorry im getting excited aswell now lol. ...tho i dnt know wot thts got to do with a shoe o-O

    anyways, i will see u 2morrow =3 byeeee xx
    lmao yh it was weird.
    nah the pics fine. its better to have them big anyway - easier to work with. do u still want the symbols in that pic or do u want them taken out?
    also what colours do u want? any effects in particular? size? avvi? anything other preference?
    wont be able to start til 2morrow though k? meh mums getting possesive of the computer lol.
    found ur stock yet? =)
    u know u can go to a sig shop if u want a reli well made one. oh and this was the one i made yasmin btw, i wud send it by msn but i cnt get on it atm. click

    and no the dentist didnt eat me lol...but he did blow on meh eye for sum reason =s and jasmine bit him lol
    y hello my dearest franyesca. i c u have decided to join the dark side lol.
    anyways, i bring you cookies ^_^ *gives cookies to you*
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