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    Out of curiosity...

    Does anyone even remember me here? Or have I been away that long again?
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    Sonic Siggy

    I decided to change around my style a bit, and came up with this: CnC?
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    Eeeew, he actually rendered it this time?! Right when I thought it couldn't get worse

    Ok, I rendered this image, which was annoyingly hard, since I couldn't find ANY ANY copy to work with. It's of Lord Loss in the Demonata series if anyone has read it. Anyways, here he is: CnC?
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    Took on a new style

    This is my first animation, so, don't crash down on me... Had to make the best of one sprite sheet and no internet, and this is what I got: CnC?
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    Oh god, another sig, this guy should just kill himself!

    And the answer to that is, I will. Shortly :P But, I think in this one, I've gotten better! Just to let you all know though, this was mostly a test for round edges, and render-background blending, so there isn't a lot of effects in it. Anyways, here is the link to it:
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    It's that time again

    Ok, well, start up your engines. Anyways, here they are: Av: Sig: Begin making fun of me -_- :P Just kidding, but seriously, I could use some pointers. So, C&C?
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    Finally, now this one, you can't say looks bad!

    I only made a sig for this one, it's all I thought was necessary, but, enough talk, here it is: I read up and looked at tutorials like hell to get this far. But, there's always room for improvement, so... C&C? V2: Latest editted version:
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    I think he rocks inside out! I love scythes a lot, so, that was a bit of the cause :P
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    Help/Support ► Date-thing...

    No, it's different, they'll come up close and examine the scene going, "Ewww" :P
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    Help/Support ► Date-thing...

    Either that, or all the kids will scream in loud voices, "Look mom, he's kissing a girl, eeeeew!!" :P Good luck, anyways :P
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    Help/Support ► Help me please, MEGA GIRL PROBLEM

    Well, even then, does she love him? I doubt it, so, you should just take a deep breath, and let it go... Girls kinda hate it when you get all jealous anyways... Well, most of the time.
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    Help/Support ► Date-thing...

    Hehehe, true that, I guess :P Well, just find a nice segregated place, or, you could get a friend to come in the movie, and he carries the blanket and gives it to you... I reccomend the first though <_< I doubt your friend would buy a ticket to HSM 3 XD
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    Help/Support ► dating consensus

    A, that's what I see at least... B works at occasions, kinda like magnets Opposite ends attract :P
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    Help/Support ► Date-thing...

    Stuff it under your shirt, and pretend you are just fat? *Shifty eyes*
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    Help/Support ► Date-thing...

    I see, so, than, there isn't much of a problem, then. Just get the side seats, and try to make it in the back, so no one will see you (Since that is what you want)... Or, simpler way, just get a giant blanket, and when you are gonna make out, cover it over both of you, so no one sees. Simple as...