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  • So did my tag have a nice sense of depth? I can't really tell x)

    Also, all I did for the shadows was a shadow layer under her face in gray. A maroon shadow layer on her neck and then I created a triangle shape over the left side of her face and set it to subtract. Duplicated it, and then just started doing some layer stuff, and I ended up with that.
    Yup. Minus the boobs.

    I gotta get working on my SotW tag. I really hate the art themes. Dear lord.
    Another way would be surely mouth-to-mouth propaganda and I also have the link in my Sig. Spreading it around more on other places may also become a tad tedious as one has to keep track on how far the story is posted in each place.
    To be honest I never really searched for a fanfic archive dedicated to KH, lol.

    That's really a no-brainer, the writers surely messed up by failing to include her properly yet. Although, DDD seems to finally give hints that Kairi might have a bigger role in KH III or whatever the next game before that title is.
    I would not even say that it was specifically Nomura alone, but also the scenario writers who failed to provide at least a decent mini-arc for Kairi during the ongoing series. It's really somewhat a shame, as the BBS-Trio and Xion had only one game so far, and while they are also only half-developed they still got more development in that one game than Kairi got in three.

    Last time I checked the sentence structure is certainly different in several cases, as are the choice of words in some situations. For example, the words "Remorse" and "Repentance" both translate to "Reue" in German, so where's the difference between them? *ggg*.
    Just as with English speaking people it can't be generalized, but German has certainly several possibilities to draw out sentences and add more descriptive terms to just one object. Yep, there are so many different forms of slang in German it isn't even funny. Some of these simply cannot be understood if you aren't well versed in "standard German".
    "Ugly" is new for me, I know more that people say often German is "hard" (not as in learning, but as opposite of soft) and cold as a language when spoken.
    In overall structure though, English and German are similar because they're both germanic languages, just like French, Spanish and Italian are similar because they are romanic languages.
    Haha, yeah, that's what my dad often says, the true "Americans" are the red indians like Sioux or Comanches, the so-called "Americans" that run the USA today are nothing but mixed Europeans in disguise.

    It's really diverse in Europe, depending on where you look and which political stances. There is no doubt that many Europeans are thankful that the USA helped rebuild so much after World War II and despite many problems they're still an important economical partner. Several younger people dream of going to the USA because there's everything bigger in scope than in Europe, but there are also those who look at the USA in disdain because of social injustice even greater than in most counties in western, northern and middle Europe.
    Especially the rise of the Tea Party and the constant rise of right-wing movements leads to concerns in Europe and several issues like the apparently significant lack of tolerance towards the LGBT-community, unrestricted capitalism, gamblers from the wall street destroying the economical balance with their greed and religious fanatism tends to have some Europeans raise their brows in bewilderment if the USA is on the road falling back into the middle ages society-wise, lol.
    The "stupid"-notion comes in some circles from Europeans noticing that several parts of the US-Citizens apparently lack common general knowledge in history and global matters and seeing the "election campaigns" of the Republicans and some of the antiquated stuff proposed there makes some of us shake our heads that there would be really so many people in the USA actually voting for such monsters of intelligence like Bachmann, Romney or Santorum.
    At least in most parts of western and northern Europe, such people would be laughed at and probably only get 5% or so of the votes. *ggg*
    Hey bud, going to bed. I am beat. Water Polo is exhausting x) I still have to do my reading tonight too! Oyi... See you tomorrow Sarah-chan :D
    I'm sure he doesn't. ;D

    Lol! I never actually requested from a shop before. The only time I did was in the closed down Cherry Blossom Studios. I'm more of asking friends to make me things, than actually requesting in shops. ^^
    So, now that you guys have store, I don't really see myself asking anybody else. xD
    Okay, saved and saved. :D

    Oh, for sure. They definitely have experience! Before you became my number one sig maker, Krista made all my things. xD Still does on occasion. Lol, that's funny! Maybe someday you will hire another male, for now, I doubt he minds. >:)
    Let me go get it before it gets swallowed up by the rest of your requests. xD

    You also hired Traskix and Sparks, I see. Aww you guys will have a great time, lol. ^^
    I got it! One of your best yet. O.O

    I'm so in love with it. ♥ Thanks again! x 3 ^^
    Well, in my story she is one of the Major 13, the thirteen most important characters in the story (not counting main villains like Xehanort in that group though).
    Kairi is also an interesting case as while we know her general personality and that she's a Princess of Heart, not much more is available so there is a bit more freedom to develop her.

    Haha, thank you, I'm flattered. For that, enough people need to become aware of it though and my beta at FF.net (who studied English, lol) occassionally chews me out for writing stuff in too high language, too many ellipses and sometimes having "German thought processes" at work. Y'know, turning German into English can sometimes totally correct in terms of grammatics, but come out as a statement no true English speaker would ever use, rofl.

    But other than those things, I think maybe the main reason is really that I choose to ignore the romance-stuff and focus on it more from the storyline-viewpoint and write closeness between characters more "general".
    (And it's of course that people who might like to interpret more into a scene can do so, they just shouldn't expect it to go that way in the actual story. ;))
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