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  • Not dumb. Just not as intelligent as I am. Lol, I hate being so confident. I am so glad though, I am able to get on here at school. :D
    the way I see it, he is a nerdy guy like her. But he doesn't seem to be the kind of guy who can possibly understand the complexity of her mind.
    Meh lol. Sounds like she's boy crazy. Nann is just... looking for some acceptance I think. She's the girl at our school that people think is weird because she's the anime fangirl. She's skinny and lanky, pale, and now has cropped hair. Since my school is so tiny, opinions float about rather quickly. Of course the other guy lives in Freeport, a town or two over, so she wouldn't see him much. Oh well x)
    Of course not. Time waiting stinks. Meh take your time, soon we will be the best taggers once those guys get lives. But by that time, we may be gone x)

    So, school started and, I am kind of conflicted x) I'm intending to be wholeheartedly focused on God, but then, you know, my feelings for a girl get in the way. Same girl I spoke of a few weeks ago, with the guy and what not. We have become way better friends since then, but I can't shake the nagging sensation to back off and let things play out.

    In the meantime, I will bide what time I have this year, and prepare for Seminary. :/ I gotta get blood work done, to check my cholesterol and blood sugar. ACK. It's all becasue I didn't really eat well when I went to get a physical done last week and it was warm in the room and my stomach went completely empty and I broke out into a cold sweat and almost passed out. I actually fight, the passing out out shear will. The cold sweat and nausea happens on occasion so I have gotten good at fighting it, but it hit me so hard the doctor sort of freaked out and wants to get some blood work done. ugh.
    Ah no worries. Sorry for all the spam x) Yeah, I really didn't like the stock he picked. and I lost against Captain, because like the eight people who frequent the DM section voted. :p

    Thanks. Idk the others didn't like it all that much.
    Baby come back <3

    lololololol. But seriously, do show your face around here some time soon. I is getting bored, and school starts tomorrow. ah!
    Actually a set would be boss. If you can complete it without having to rush! 17 :)
    Lol. Well it cannot. The desktop is easily 4-5 years old. Maybe 6...

    anyway, thanks :)

    How are you? Tomorrow is my birfday :D
    I don't. This was based around your tutorial, but I had no jitter. So I suppose I could translate it to gimp. Or you could send me CS3, I hope it works on my computer x)

    But don't worry about it. I can use gimp for a few more months. I have no qualms with gimp in all honesty.
    This is what an outdated PSE program gives me. CRAP. Dear lord, there isn't the options I need D:

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