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  • Merry Christmas Cyberman! Do you wanna be friends? And by the way, how do you record BbS? I wanna start live streaming as well.
    Great job on ur run with MF if it wasn't for the technical difficulties you wouldv'e had them man ;D. I hope yu fix the problem with ur psp.
    Hey bro, I added you as a friend, hope you don't mind

    I gotta say though, you're pretty awesome at the game, though I also have to note that the MF is kicking your ass lol
    ahh you get the game already *tears* sorry yeah you get hook ups!
    the only hook ups i can get is with nike sbs lmao!

    ehh i hope to see you again in the mirage arena yeah?
    Hey man. Wanna take a break?

    Well, you wouldn't want to end up like the guys who fought Pandemonium Warden (FFXI) for 18 hours. D:
    haha same here cyber! Only six more days left till it comes out
    Terra now you say ;p ahh everybody likes using him now yeah
    just cause he has quake, dark impulse, and always saids in every cutscene in every world "unversed!" etc lmao! nah nah i understand i use to like using terra before i mean thats the first guy i used when i joined in that match with you and mika! and that one time were you were trying to level up your ven back up to rank 30 in the mirage arena XD
    Yo Cyber!
    still playing in the mirage arena?
    btw you and mika still going all crazy with your vens with other players haha?
    The sooner you realize you're probably going to mobbed here the better lol
    I tried to warn you, but hey if you need any help being introduced to the old timers, by all means just ask there's a couple people who I know you'd get along with.
    Ok cool I wish I could join in the mirage arena as well but I don't have a ps3 :?
    Yeah I'll make sure I stay tuned in and catch the action.
    Yeah no problem but I have a question. Will you be doing a Ventus and Aqua scenario restriction runthrough on the english version?
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