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  • The master grade collections always look amazing <3 and todays finals were easy. Can't wait to be done with this shit.
    I so have to give that a try when I get some cash for a model kit <3 just for the hell of it I'll get Turn A lol.
    Same I have to be going as well; finals tomorrow D: good night CS.


    Loving the youtube vids btw ;3 yes I subscribed.
    First time we saw MS on MS action not to mention Gelgoog on Zaku action; lol sounds like a sex tape. But yeah the mobile suits were amazing especially the Dendrobium , that thing is a piece of work.
    Sadly that's its biggest flaw, but they made a lot of use of the short episode count. Though like you mentioned 20 at the most would have been fine. Well at least we got the Miller reports out of it.
    True, but Turn A makes it the focal point rather then a secondary element to the story. Kind of makes sense considering that the main setting takes place on an early 20th century earth with the Moon Race trying to set up base camp on the Earth (Ameria). But seriously take the time to watch it, I know the first episode is a drag but it's actually pretty good IMO. Though I have to admit, I've only gotten so far.

    08TH was the most realistic of the Gundams actually, since mobile suits can easily take damage or even be crippled by small instances like leg damage from regular gunfire or rendered immobile by sand in their gears
    Lol a lot of people say that, in actuality the Turn A series is a big departure from the rest since it deals with politics and ethics rather then gundam smashing every episode. Lmao I love the intro <3
    Lol I'll have to look back at our conversation just to make sure ;3 OMG you saw it and or remembered? <333
    Wow.... then again I don't think I brought it up before xD or have I? I've been a mod since November of last year.
    Meh it could be a lot worse, but with the staff change hopefully the attitudes will soften a bit. And with that small change there's room for improvement elsewhere; it has to be a group effort though.
    I have to start getting into that >_> now that summer is almost here I have time for such things. And I'm glad you're a bit more active, some things have changed though. Fair warning.


    Lol new staff is a great example.
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