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Recent content by Cumguardian69

  1. Cumguardian69

    Are you a smoker or not?

    I smoke weed everyday
  2. Cumguardian69

    How Many Times Have You Beaten Master Xehanort/Yozora?

    I dunked on MX 13 times (7 in eng, 6 in jpn) I forced Yozora into a spiral of depression over 50 times (he is EASILY KH3's greatest boss fight). Again he's the best fight KH3 has to offer
  3. Cumguardian69

    Kairi: The Thread

    Wat if kairi got proto-norted as a child and connected her heart to subject x, who then was related to the yozora that didnt have his heart swapped with another? This would make kairi a bridge into the brooding grimdark historically accurate timeline of verum rex while also not cheapening her...
  4. Cumguardian69

    Kairi: The Thread

    No.i deleted mt.comment The Queens Fool vy Phillipa Gregory. The MC is written as a character affexted by outside circumstances but HER outcome is decided by HER. She is autonomous more than she determinea her worth on other characters. This fact is supported by her consignimg herself to HER...
  5. Cumguardian69

    Kairi: The Thread

    But he was ACKSHUALLY from aoft is not importance. Lmao. We still dont know what/why dorkness, MoM and his squad, or even what the union leadees are doing or why they are doing it
  6. Cumguardian69

    Kairi: The Thread

    Not true. All those Keybladers in 3 but only Sora mattered
  7. Cumguardian69

    What are YOU most looking forward to in this game?

    Im waitibg dir noewv hard sings to play. I can do wod¹¹ basically erfeclt now
  8. Cumguardian69

    Input Lag on PS4

    One tip I have is for you to alternate attack between X/R1/L1. While this input mystery is definitely real, we have to remember that PS4 has digital triggers, not analog. They are either pressed or not pressed, there is no half. So it could be that you have "pressed" the button but fatigue has...
  9. Cumguardian69

    Kairi: The Thread

    Characters shouldnt be on a backseat or haphazardly included. Write them appropriate roles and be done with them. Part of writing them is to give them meaningful screentime. •Reminder that we STILL to this very flappin day don't know what MoM and his merry band of furries are up to despite...
  10. Cumguardian69

    KH 20 years anniversary is in 2022

    Honestly genuinely think we're getting another mobile gacha entry for KH's 20th. It would be amazing if, say, KHDR had been running for 2 years and still not finished. Then BOOM, we get a Triple Feature in KHUXDR?? Just to rub salt in the wound of the core action title fans. God please Nomura...
  11. Cumguardian69

    News ► Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Releases November 13 2020

    Buy mom for high scores on proud mode performer stages, not for the ost. I legit poured 7 hrs into A++ing WoD1 and HiH. Now imagine they have stages for data battles, Dearly Beloved (KH2 ver.), or even Darkness of the Unknown. Goosebumps + hype
  12. Cumguardian69

    Need help understanding something

    It rewrote the timeline because the lich basically has a contract with nature - people who are slain have their hearts taken by the lich and then they are pronounced "dead dead" aka gone forever, not "KH dead". By breaking that nature rool an arbitrary amount of times, Sora got hisself whisked...
  13. Cumguardian69

    News ► Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Releases November 13 2020

    Not likely. You can probably get a store based coupon (e.g 10% off any video game) but
  14. Cumguardian69

    Kairi: The Thread

    Yall really out talm.bbout "jux wait i swear nomjra has epic plans"? Bruh. Kairi is deadweight. 20 years and the best we get is a one off redux of armored nort and she gets to be the narrator of another Sora's story (featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series)? Lolol. I'll admit we don't...
  15. Cumguardian69

    Kairi: The Thread

    Because "getting something" is not enough. Don't waste time featuring Kairi if she's just going to be a walking plot coupon. You could easily refocus the emotions Sora supposedly feels for her onto Riku, Donald and Goofy (if Disney allowed it), the new 7 hearts, literally anyone. Or hell, cut...