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Recent content by Cumguardian69

  1. Cumguardian69

    Predictions for the next Kingdom Hearts Game

    I hope next game is a UE4 title so it can get out the gate asap. I dont want to wait another 10 quintillion years for a solid console entry.
  2. Cumguardian69

    Is anyone else concerned about how Phase 2 is going to be handled?

    Even caring about phase 2 right now is a bad play imho. There are two major objectives right now: Get MoM to return (Luxu's side) and Get Sora Back/Return To The Realm of Light (SRK side). We don't know how these two forces are supposed to collide, or how they may interact with each other. It's...
  3. Cumguardian69

    (SPOILERS) KINGDOM HEARTS Union X Final: Part 1

    What if MoM was actually 3DO/Gnosis? If you played Xenosaga this may sound familiar
  4. Cumguardian69

    (SPOILERS) KINGDOM HEARTS Union X Final: Part 1

    Greatest update ever. Loved seeing Luxu walk around with the swagger of an ancient Keyblade Master. Seeing him twirl No Name like that made me literally freak out. I can't wait to see what his battle style is like.
  5. Cumguardian69

    KHUX ► Preview for April 2021 story update

    "It's almost time to make a decision" Nothingburger incoming or am I just hopelessly pessimistic? Christ alive get the show on the road PLEASE
  6. Cumguardian69

    News ► Nomura: "There is no connection between" Kingdom Hearts III and NEO: TWEWY

    But le wild ride demands it so! Oh well. Glad to finally get some closure on that topic but why would he highlight 109 in the secret ending?
  7. Cumguardian69

    Kingdom Hearts Series PC Modding Thread

    HOLY SHIT YES. FUCKING YES!!!! Pleaae god let it happen. Magnet Splash in base form? YES PLEASE. Thank you so much for linking this video. It has me beyond excited for the future of KH3.
  8. Cumguardian69

    Kingdom Hearts Series PC Modding Thread

    Dose anyone have any insight as to why second form abilities (currently) can't be grafted onto base Sora?
  9. Cumguardian69

    The Prologue

    Uhm le problen is that KH3's theme is about personal sacrifice for a greater cause but no world really exemplifies this quite right because Didney and KH's stilted language. In TTown hearing Sora go off about how he knows "hurt" instead of "pain"...it just sounds like a joke tbh. Using Aqua in...
  10. Cumguardian69

    At which point do you think the story of KH started to become convoluted?

    Thats not even the half of it...we are hyperfocused on time travel now but the true problem is we don't even know what or why the Keyblade War is a thing. At first it was a battle over the light of Kingdom Hearts (KH2, BBS), then it was a battle over the launch codes to a universe nuke (KH3)...
  11. Cumguardian69

    At which point do you think the story of KH started to become convoluted?

    ^that's ultimately the problem with every Mobody except for Roxas. If Axel has a regrown heart, but he's literally Lea but with purple tear drop makeup on, then what functionally makes him different from Lea? The only thing that does is that he gets to get killed twice. But this being a Disney...
  12. Cumguardian69

    Kingdom Hearts Union X end of service and release of offline mode postponed to June 17, 2021

    Just realized its already april 16th...guys its only 2 more months. Let khux breath a bit.
  13. Cumguardian69

    At which point do you think the story of KH started to become convoluted?

    The plot was never cOnvOlutED. Never. It just added more and more stuff that was ultimately irrelevant to certain characters and failed to make the existing cast aware of crucial past events. Take DDD for example. Sora and Riku are supposed to be training to be closer to the level of MX. HOWEVER
  14. Cumguardian69

    Kingdom Hearts Nitpicks

    I mean DB is what differentiates the titles. The opening theme not so much. Half the series uses planitb s&c.