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  • Like I said, you can easily find them all over the site. On the front page as well.

    Nah, like I said, this applies to worlds as well.
    Lol, it happens xD
    I hate my school life! 8D
    I should come on more, but I am quite busy :c What about you? You don't come on that much :p
    We have it posted all over the site. It shouldn't be that difficult to find.. Or just go to the front page :D

    Not until KH3. Nomura says that he's going to leave off saving everyone until KH3, but this ties into how Sora and Riku will wake everyone up from their supposed slumber.

    Unlocking the Keyholes will only wake up the worlds and bring them back to reality. That has nothing to do with Ven at the moment.
    There are two types of Dream Eaters. The good ones, the ones you see fighting with Riku and Sora are called Spirits, they eat nightmares. The bad ones that you fight against are called Nightmares and they eat dreams and produce nightmares.

    Pretty much. If they can unlock a world's Keyhole of Sleep, they'll be able to wake up the world and bring it back to reality. Nomura hints that Dumbo's world and some of the princesses' worlds are still sleeping and need to be woken up.
    For the first year:

    Unit 1: European History Germany (1919 – 45)
    Unit 2: Document Paper Nazi Germany (1933 – 45)
    Unit 3: British History Elizabeth 1 (1558 – 1603)

    I look foward to learning about unit 3 the most. I wish they would find another subject rather than Nazi Germany. It will be like the 6th time I've learnt about it.
    I suppose xD
    "A wizard did it." Literally!

    They're adorable! Not only can you play with them, but you can change their colors too! Apparently you can try to collect all of them for completely kind of achievement!
    Haha, not really xD

    In East Asian cultures, cutting your hair symbolizes a new beginning. So Riku's probably done some thinking since he got home and made the decision to leave the old him behind and stop sulking over his mistakes by starting anew.
    That's okay; so was I :D
    Hope you did well!

    Okay. I finished all my finals and now I'm just drawing.
    Same here XD

    What do you think about Sora and Riku's new look?
    I think I'm going to change my business studies to something else anyway ^^
    I'll do history and film studies instead 8D
    That's a great plan! Can I come with you? 8D

    I don't know why I am doing business studies...it's making my life miserable T_T
    Ahaha, seems like I did the same thing. Things have been different, for me. lol

    Ah, I see. I have that problem from time to time, but I think I fixed it perhaps. I have one of those boxes where I can get my own internet. Like my actual internet.

    I seen it, but haven't looked into it. I don't know if I would, or be able to. Don't have a PS3, remember? Or is it for PSP, because I don't know! xD
    What's the project about? What do you mean by research project exactly?

    Yeah, but then the teacher would yell at you and I cry easy so best pretend to listen rather than forehead slam on the desk ;_;
    Yeah, and they're all different in terms of character and fighting style. I think I mentioned this to you though xD

    It's a really good anime that I highly suggest watching if you haven't already. Just search it up :D I'm afraid I can't properly describe it in words since it won't measure up to the awesome this show radiates.

    That's not definite. Game developers tend to copyright domains early on, at least just to claim the name before someone else does. So it's not that XIII-3 has been confirmed, but that if there will be one, they don't want anyone else to take the name before them.
    Basically it's a FF version of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Basically, Cid is the head of Milites and is going around destroying the other nation's crystals and trying to take over the world. The 14 students you play as are from the Rubrum kingdom that is currently at war trying to fight off the opposing army.

    Lol changed my avi again! :D I love Code Geass <3
    That's okay. Take all the time you need. I know real life gets in the way :D

    His name is Trey. He's one of the main characters from Type-0.
    I am really tired! My new time table has me up for lessons at 8:45am for 4/5 days...I'm gonna die!
    (I am not a morning person T____T)

    How are things with you? :3
    Mine was $530. That's including all the insurance I bought for it. Actually though, I bought a laptop. It was about time I got one I guess. xD

    Lol, my internet goes crappy sometimes too! Though it's been good lately though. It's kinda faulty I would say. I'm good, just a little bored is all. Have you gotten any new games? :D
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