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Recent content by ~Crysalis~

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    What Games Will Be Keeping You Busy Until KH2 Comes Out?

    We're ALL really excited about KH2 coming out really soon! What will you guys be playing in order to keep yourself busy until you get you hands on KH2? (I know that once I get it, that I'll be 100% absorbed. =_=) I'm probably going to be playing Nintendogs, Sonic Rush, and playing Psychonauts...
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    * GOOD SPOILER * Sec Ending.. its new. For me

    I'd say this is very good information. ^^ Good job, and thank you and your friends for bringing this to us. <3
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    ~*Kingdom Hearts: Ecliptic Fates*~

    Ehhh, I'd have to give some credit to Kismet-chan because she gave me setting ideas and a few character ideas. (She owns Tsuna 100%.) This is my (eh, our) story of what happened AFTER KH:CoM, BEFORE KH2. It's just a short story of darkness, betrayal, loyalty, truth, and a sprinkling of humor. ^^...
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    Hi There. ^_^ I'm New Here.

    ~Giggles~ I'm Crysalis! (Don't ask me why it's "Crysalis", and not "Chrysalis"... ~Sighs~) A friend of mine told me to come here because it was an interesting KH forum, so here I am. ;) I hope I make some more friends! :p
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    Sora's english voice actor

    Kismet, you're funny. Lol.