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  • Yeah shouldn't be too long, and I assume that the silver membership is different then I expected. I have access to online features but I still can't play online -_-

    Oh really? Awesome I did a while back, I'm still trying to get 120 stars though, have about 11 left. Yes the last battle was epic, and the whole level leading up to it was just godly. But the ending had me torn, poor Luma ;~; actually if you beat it on 100% there's a secret ending :D
    Oh of course I know that ^_^ just saying I never would have expected that as well.
    Even for me it creeped me out...

    Yours was what I expected ;3 not bad old sport.

    Oh and my dad has agreed to getting me 12 months of gold after he gets his next pay check.
    I'll soon be online :D
    I'd think about that, the adapter is pretty cheap anyway, so maybe you should put selling your PS2 on hold.
    You don't need online ASAP.
    You mean something like a wireless USB? Or the wii detecting a connection alone? That's out of my jurisdiction so I might have to look that one up.
    How are yo connecting it?
    Ethernet cable to a rounter > modem? Or ethernet cable> modem.

    I have the first set up and you have to station the connection to one of the ports, usually listed as 1,2, 3 and so on. However it's good to note that the Wii isn't compatible with every kind of Router/Modem, though they can be housed on a variety of systems, notably NetGear.
    You could always sell it back later, that's what I'm doing with my 360 and it's bundle games.
    Actually, I disagree about that in KH2. Sure, Sora burst into tears, but let's face it -
    Riku: whaa, whaa, no one loves me anymore, I'm hideous ;-;
    Sora: *bitchslap* shut up bitch and take off your clothes, we've lost time to make up for >< *grabs Riku's ass and belt*
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