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    I read your awesome prologue to your mecha fanfic, how about you pay the debt and read and review Los Sincorazones.
    That auron kid is just as bad. That thread attracts the worst kind of fanboys and is it my imagionation or are they starting young now, becoming fanboy wise.
    I've played long games so that's probably why XD
    It's still good, I just wish the allies AI was a tad better, all of those times I could have used help they were off doing something else D: but the load times are just excellent so there's not too much to complain about.

    Sorry about the ps2, but you can always train your dog not to chew on things ;D and don't beat her ;3; *needs a dog*
    Yup it's an awesome game so far, got a small amount of achievement points but I'm still pleased; but regrettably the series is notorious for small campaign modes, which this game also suffers from. And once I get online I'm sure to go head to head with you >:3 but probably fail miserably XD

    MPs? maybe after I get the 12 month card it's going to be a while before I can buy anything else. Still even so I'll try to download it if I can.

    Gears 2 <3 looks fantastic but I still have to play the original, but if you can't get that definitely get Bioshock or Legendary; Bioshock is fantastic btw.
    Definitely Bioshock or Gears 2.

    Oh and it's good, I just need to get the online features and I'm set.
    Also the Flood is annoying as all hell even on easy o_O I only did easy to do some testing, almost done on normal.
    It's super gay -_- but gold is at a good price considering it's 50$ for 12 months.

    Yup, you do know what happens when you collect every star and complete the game over again don't you?
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