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    News ► NEO: The World Ends With You announced to release Summer 2021

    You guys, I can't believe this is FINALLY HAPPENING And playable Sho!
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    How did you get into Kingdom Hearts?

    I was watching Cinematech on G4TV which was a show that played cut scenes from various games. They actually played the ending to Kingdom Hearts 2 and at the time I had never heard of the series. I just remember immediately getting the feels with Sanctuary playing and wondering just who these...
  3. Crimson Crashing

    Treasure Planet

    Because it would be too RAD. For real though, this is one of my favorite underrated "gems" and Disney dropped the ball with it's marketing. If you ever got some time to spend watching a half hour youtube video about an old Disney movie, check this out;
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    News ► Tetsuya Nomura teases final trailer for Melody of Memory

    My guess is that is what we are going to get with the game itself. By the end of MoM I assume we will know what to expect for the next proper main installment of the series. Either that or Nomura is gonna Nomura and we are left with more questions and minimal answers.
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    Dearly Beloved - Melody of Memory

    Looks like our newest rendition of Dearly Beloved will be the most unique yet. What are your thoughts?
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    Reflecting on 16 years on this forum (aka the "once a decade post")

    About to hit 13 years myself! I was mostly active for the RPG Inferno, if anyone remembers that. I have only checked in once a year or two for a while, but it's good to know this place is still here. <3
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    "Fish Face"

    Were there fish faces in BBS? I can't remember.
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts -HD 2.5 ReMIX- Announced at D23 Expo Japan!

    That's just a placeholder for the real date when it is announced.
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    News ► Nomura Interview in Famitsu Mentions KHII HD!

    Apologies, gematsu updated their article. Ok, I'm really concerned here. Releasing KHFM in HD with two games view able in theatre mode? That's awful.
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    News ► Nomura Interview in Famitsu Mentions KHII HD!

    Eww. Short haired Riku is ugly.
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    News ► KH 1.5 ReMIX Trailer Released!

    Really? You couldn't watch the trailer? Or read the 3-4 sentences in the first post?
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    KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 Re:MIX Discussion

    That's basically an entire new game right there.
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    News ► KH 1.5 ReMIX Trailer Released!

    Re: KH 1.5 ReMix Trailer Released! Depending how many cutscenes will actually be remade for the ReMIX, this could be the closest thing to a Kingdom Hearts movie fans have been wanting. I wonder if they will give us all the scenes from the start, or if completing parts of the game will unlock more.