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Crimson Crashing
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  • Do you like them? I can remake it if you want... or are you getting someone else to do them?
    Do you need links for the images?

    I should have posted them, but I wasn't sure if you wanted it or not.
    The Stars are shining has your request in! I hope you like it, but tell me what you don't so I can change it.
    Yep, Renya's one badass ninja and looks like he'll have some sort of Geass power. 8D :heart:
    LOL Don't know, but I bet his arm is connected to the technology that would eventually form Knightmares. XD His arm apparently shoots out shurikens (or he throws them himself. Not positive on which)
    I don't much about FMA tbh. XD I'm only starting into it.

    What I mean by Renya resembling Ed is that they both have metal arms. XD
    Some time in the spring. I looked up some info on it this afternoon and found out that it takes place during the Edo era (1600's - late 1800's) and Renya is the guy in my avatar. ;D He's sort of like the CG equilvalent of Edward Elric. XD
    LOL Same here!!! I spent several days on a CG personal marathon on YouTube during Thanksgiving break. XD

    It looks like it'll actually be a great manga entry (of which, only Nightmares of Nunally is any good though very abstract and semi-AU) Shikkoku no Renya on the other hand is completely canon. 8D Plus, the director of the anime is scripting the manga this time (a first) Plus, we get to see a young CC!!! 8D :heart:

    I think it's got a lot of potential, but I'll reserve my final call until it's out.
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