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  • Really? I hope you start soon, man. The teachers will do wonders, plus the projects, and the competition with other students at critiques will help you to improve your own skills. I love art school.
    You are an art student? High five, me too. I'm on my second quarter though, so i only know the basics of photoshop and some other designing stuff.
    Yeah, me neither. I'd like to join one, but I don't have the time anyways.
    Thanks, man. I went to three different versions of the sig until I got to that one. I still wanna fix it a tad bit. It's a little bit too blurry on some places. I like making sigs(kinda new at it) so if you ever need one. I'd be happy to help.
    Ah, okie...Well, um...NICE ASS! :3
    (That doesn't leave your Visitor Messages >.>).
    And can you tell whatever admin/mod is responsible for mine that I'm not a troll?
    I don't mind the pic, but I'd like to prevent a case of mistaken intentions.
    You're not a female though...Or are you? o_O
    And how often does KHI suffer from Avatar-hacks?
    You have just saved every female user's love life.
    I'd make a dedication thread if I could.
    i know i've seen the tutorial you used to make your signature

    very close to the original; i assume that's what you were going for
    no my god loves u just as much as he loves me hes not going to punishg u what kind of god would create just to punish my god that i serve loves u isnt going to punish u and i know ur probably going to take this the wrong way but i love u too as a human brother and if i didnt care about u i wouldnt tell u that id pray for u brother
    Been a lloooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnng time since I seriously made a tag. But sure what stock?
    I have received your friend request, and I will indeed accept it. In due time.
    Did it provide you with both the download and the crack? Or just the download?
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