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    Hey check this Square Enix based forum www.enix-online.com/forums, We just started out, But it is an awesome friendly community, We have everything you need, RPG Inferno which willllll be awesome, comes out sometime july, We have an shoutbox, arcade, award system and much more We are a role playing, anime, gaming, and graphics site as well so please take 2 minutes out of your life and check it out.

    It's okay...I'm sure it will work out, things like that usually do. It happens a lot to all of us, but you'll find your way.

    My Boyfriend really wants to take me to Rio de Janiero to visit his mother, sister, and a few aunts and uncles. Sitting on a beach on Upper Class Brazil seems amazing...hahaha
    Oh cool.

    I wish I was free too.

    I don't know if it's the natural urge to rebel, but I really hate my mother. She just let me fly through life mostly by myself, but now I'm about to crash, and she blames me for not knowing how to steady myself back up.

    Brazil eh?
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