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  • Sure, you can post it here or PM me if you don't want others coming across it.
    Origins was very nice. I would really recommend the Pokemon Adventures Manga, at least to the end of the Yellow Chapters. I never got to the Johto chapters but it was REALLY good. Makes me wish they made an anime of it. You can read it online or download it to your phone, if you're interested.
    Yeah, Johto was awesome because of that. I don't see why they never allowed us to return to the older regions in future games, it was an amazing feature. Johto also had the return of my favorite villains again, Team Rocket. Not the anime Team Rocket, though. Those guys were a joke compared to the game and manga versions.

    Sure, I don't mind. Just keep in mind I can't really give the best feedback as I'm horrible at that. xD
    I am curious about other people's projects so feel free to share.
    I'm so glad to see that gen 2 is your favorite, since it's also mine! Along with the remakes of course. Since you mentioned grinding, a lot of people have the misunderstanding that you need to grind in Pokemon games, which is false. As long as you know the type advantages and you fight every trainer, you won't have to grind on wild Pokemon or rematch trainers at all. In fact, you can just run from every wild encounter. I don't even know where the whole grinding idea in Pokemon appeared. Probably because it's a jrpg and that's what people associate jrpgs with.
    Woah, that's a really good drawing of Shedinja! I can't draw so good like that! Pixel art is a different art form than that, but that's still a very good picture! Also, sorry I'm replying so late, I had a fever but it's almost down.

    Oh God, the Exp Share. It's completely ruined in this generation. First thing I do when I get it is I turn it off and that's what I recommend you do, too, if you don't want the game to play itself. I wish they didn't change how the Exp Share functioned.

    Sounds good about the battle. Hopefully I'll get back to ORAS because I don't feel like touching it for now. I just passed Pokemon Platinum today, by the way. It was super tough since I was 8 levels lower than most of the Cynthia's Pokemon. I kind of want to give black and white a try now. Which Pokemon games have you played or passed?
    Ahhh, I see. I'm like that, too, about the IV's. I only bother with EV's thanks to the Super Training feature (sadly, the minigame is awful in my opinion). And, sure! I don't mind battling. Since I've been taking a break from ORAS for a while now, I have to pick it up again. I think I left off at Lava Ridge Town which is pretty early in the game. My team isn't even fully evolved xD
    Sure thing! However, I'm currently pretty sick so no gaming for me for the next couple of days. But I'll let you know when I'm up for a battle! :)
    Hmmm, well, I don't mind some casual battles occasionally, but I'm not into competitive battling at all. xD
    How about you?
    That was quite beautiful; I love how it incorporated NGE and the Rebuild together while hinting towards the future. My only disappointment was that the Asuka scenes were all old. ;~;
    Yeah, I'd have to agree, the designs look very generic and not thought out, too.

    I've used RPG Makers for a long time now, but I don't know as much as some people do. There's several people on Youtube who make amazing games using only events! As for the pixel art, not really since it's not anything good enough to share xD
    I think I did post some simple custom icons years ago back when I first tried my hand at art, but I've never pursued it, sadly.
    Huh, I've never seen those games before. I just searched them up and Toby's Island looks the best of the 3, probably because it's the newest. It seems like it has a lot of new custom features and they look pretty cool. Ninja Clause doesn't have a consistent art style so it looks very strange.

    The DS Pokemon games have 3D, so RMVX Ace is already outmatched since Enterbrain's rpg makers don't have 3d capabilities. But if you compare it to only 2d DS games, then it's definitely possible, especially if you put effort. As for functionality, that really depends since DS has a touchscreen.

    Don't get me wrong, though, RMVX Ace isn't bad and it's definitely possible to make a good game using it!
    Oh, I just meant that RPG Makers are limited if you want to make an RPG of current standards. The most notable limitation is the poor resolution and engine, but it's good enough for casual/beginner projects.
    Oh wow! Sounds like you are putting a lot of work into it, I wish you luck. Good thing about RM is that it's pretty easy to work on something by yourself, if you have the assets, but I'm guessing you don't want to use RTP. That's good, though. Whenever people show their projects using RTP it feels like not much effort went into them.
    Thanks, I'll do that!

    As for the project, I don't really know. At this point it's mostly me experimenting with art styles and ideas. VX Ace is the best Rpg Maker currently out, so I think it will suffice unless you got something big planned. How's your progress, if you've started yet?
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