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Recent content by coolazice7

  1. C

    Where in the World is Riku?

    Most people think the figure at the very left of the cover is EM. But it is possible that that is in fact Riku. Who knows?
  2. C

    Call me crazy (no, don't; I'll cry)

    they do look similar, but look at their lips. diz has a larger more out-jutting jaw. EM has a smaller mouth.
  3. C

    Riku isn't the Blindfolded Unknown (Possibly)

    I think Riku is the blindfolded unknown. Not many people have Riku-style hair. Just because Mickey was with Riku all the way through doesn't mean that something had to happen to both of them.
  4. C

    In my opinon, I think the Lion King world is going to be lame.

    Uh, yah, why would the Lion King world be lame? To me, it looks like it will be a nice change, being a lion. I bet it will be great. I agree, Pete looks stupid. But that is probably the point.
  5. C

    Red Hot Chili Peppers singing Simple and Clean??

    I think those websites made a mistake. It is very unlikely RHCP would remake Simple and Clean. But it would be cool... who knows? Maybe they would...
  6. C

    what the

    The only time in KH that this island was ever mentioned/shown was when Sora was in his room. But, it is true that for some reason, when you are on the island Sora and Co. play at, you cannot see the other island. Kinda weird.
  7. C

    New 'Recital' Move

    In case you haven't heard the news (but you probably have), the new co-op move in The Nightmare Before Christmas world is called "Recital". Well, in the new Dengeki scans, there is a pic that could be that very move... go to this link to see the scan...
  8. C

    Better scan of lion Sora fighting

    well, sora is only 15. So he is a cub. But you're right dadides, he should be slightly larger.
  9. C

    omg..we r so stupid..ill tell u y

    Hey, buddy, if you don't like threads about theories and stuff... then don't go to them. Simple.
  10. C

    Do you think...

    ^hopefully you can do drives with everyone who's in your party, and have multiple forms with donald and goofy. That may be too many forms though... I dont think there is even that many colors!
  11. C


    BHK and Namine would be ideal, especially if they turned out to be the "other sides" of Sora and Kairi. And Riku has always seemed like a loner to me. But who knows?
  12. C

    NEW TGS trailer info + new HB pic with an Org.Memb!!!

    ^yeah, that's true., and khu is reliable most of the time. I think that is definetly HB. I sure hope we get to see that vid soon.
  13. C

    secret world??

    I'm sure that in kh2, Square will leave lots of worlds secrets until the game comes out.... I sure hope so, at least.
  14. C


    1. Don't think so. 2.Yah, probabaly. 3.Possible 4.Possible 5.I wouldnt be surprised 6.Probable 7.Could be 8.Seriously doubt it 9.Riku "walks" twilight/dawn but he still uses the power of darkness 10.Yeah, could very well be 11. .....who knows? 12.That might be right Kairi, the new order member...
  15. C

    Clouds Attacks Warning Spoliers for AC

    yah, i agree wih you... i'll never get tired of those moves...