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    so your a runner? guuuuurrrrl get on msn, plwease for dani?
    about time!,, you keep hiding Ms.Evil, whatchu been up to besides college.? :'P
    I wish you would stop disappearing on me K.
    the hell are you love?
    Well i had'nt considered it stealing since it was in the Signature section open to all people, all it said was to credit the people who made it which i cant because it is an avatar. It said nothing about asking permission of the creator. I dont consider it stealing because it's not like im posting "YEA I MADE THIS" i just thought it would be a cool avatar. If someone took one of my drawings and used it as an avatar i would be happy they liked it, But if that person said they made it then i would be a little mad. As i said im not saying i made it i just liked it, once again if you would like me to remove it i gladly will for you. This message sounds a little harsh but im not trying to be that way i am just simply saying.
    Oh, well im sorry are you the Artist? if so, i am sorry to not ask i hope you dont mind....but beside that it is a great picture and if you are the artist amazing job but if you would like me to take it off i will.
    Wow lucky. I had a perfect save file on volume 2 set up for it and everything.
    Nice Haseo sig. I like the sprite. I also like how you put Ghost Falcon in there. I like your avatar too....

    .hack fan?
    xD no problem.

    I follow a lot of PBs from GFX age around here from about as far back as Early 07. Mainly as a resource&inspiration.
    yeeeess I'm actually making a ff13 batch of icons.
    Feels oh so good to be photoshoping again <33

    So what's new? c:
    well that was just the culmination of it all. she kept ripping stuff from shinybinary and using it in her 'large pieces' until ken and I made some gifs showing how she used pieces of other people's art for her own
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