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  • I haven't really seen too many of the gang log in. I have Storm, Ryan, Eric, and Malibu on a number of different social media. I can still do some pretty sick design, I just don't have anywhere near the resources from like 4-6 years ago lol.

    You can usually find me
    Twitter: @Cause4Commotion
    IG: @Cause4Commotion
    FB: /darien.crippen
    I haven't actually made tags of any sort since I stepped down as a mod after my family grief. Every so often i'll make something, but it's a spur of the moment kind of thing. Everything's been pretty good, I'm mostly in between NJ and NY these days.

    The holiday was great, one of the better Christmas' i've had with family in the last 3-4 years lol. How was yours?!
    Showing your profile some love, because it looks like you haven't gotten a VM in nearly 3 years!
    Hey CME I heard about what happened. I hope you are doing ok! I just wanted to let you know not to feel pressured about making my signature if you are not feeling up to it. But if you are I am glad. :)
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