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  • Hello everybody! We have tons of new awards for the new year that can be requested through our Awards System thanks to Antifa Lockhart! Some are limited-time awards so go claim them before they are gone forever...


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  • COLDMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!! OMG, I thought I was too late and you didn't have internet access anymore! WAH! I'm so glad you're here! (*TACKLE GLOMP*)
    Thank-you for helping me Coldman, I hope your graduation went well, and I'm glad I can know you as my friend ^_^
    Oh, you actually took the hit? *manages to pull back katana, but not swift enough to avoid Coldy's sword completely* Oh dear... *looks at the gash in her left shoulder* That really hurts.
    *deflects stab* Well yeah, I would be bad if that was all you got! You started after all. I wouldn't be any fun if it was over already. *stabs*
    It would be trouble to us too, wouldn't it? I don't want the thread to be closed...

    Well, I am really mature... Just not when you're involved!^^ And we'll fight if you're still up for it!
    Hehehe, I just finished every single Deathnote episode, manga and the live action movies last week XD

    You're not the only one with flooding problems, BTW. Also, I'm lucky to get connected! Blackouts left and right!
    I'm not saying I won't fight. I'm just saying you'll never get the tranquilizer, that's all *sticks out tongue again*^^ And that was fun! It was also kind of spam^^
    *innocent face* Say what?

    And I forsee a little problem. If we fight to the death, how can I give you the rest of the tranquilizer stuff when you have won?
    Why does it always have to be to the death? It becomes old after a while. But if you insist... *unsheaths katana and takes stance* ... then I suppose we'll fight.

    Oh, and Bankai is cheating! *sticks out tongue* Cheater! Cheater! Coldy is a cheater! ^^
    I should have just started earlier, but I didn't feel like doing it then. And now I'm talking to three people at the some time (one in visitor messages, one in pm's and one in a thread), and it's not helping! I don't feel like logging out, though, it's too much fun here^^

    Hey! You can't beat me like that. I can fight back you know... *grabs katana* I have a sword too. And laserbeams coming out of my eyes. Okay I don't have those. I can still wish I have them, can't I? Wait, that wouldn't work. My contacts/glasses, whichever one I'm wearing, would melt, and that would really suck... Good thing I don't have laser eyes then! You still can't beat me like that, though!
    I don't really see the use of making them, so it's hard to motivate myself... Too bad I probably have to hand it in tomorrow. And I'm not finished yet. Oh well^^

    Why do I have to feeling I gave you a very bad idea? *Steals Coldy's sword* HA! ^^
    Yes, very happy! I was quite happy already, but now I'm really happy! For about five minutes, then I'll have to work on my bookreport again... I like reading, but I detest making bookreports. It's so boring! ^^

    MUHAHAHA! As long as you don't sleepwalk, I'll be fine.
    I already read the book I should make it about. It's for Dutch, so it has to be written by a Dutch writer (a stupid rule my school has...), And somehow I don't think you know many Dutch autors^^ My English bookreport is much more fun. I read Alice in Wonderland^^

    Hey, why do you reply on your own page. There should be a link that says View Conversation. If you go there, you can reply to my comment, instead of posting a message on your own page. And that way I can actually see you replied... I can't this way...

    I got you! *does victory dance*
    A bookreport about what book, I could recomend a couple of good ones.

    OUCH! Hey that hurrrrrrrrts. *Yawn* I"m so sleepy. I'll get you for thi-*snore*
    *reads* Apparantly there should be more talk here, so.... Hi! I'm bored... I should be making a bookreport, but I don't want to... And before I forget... *shoots back with tranquilizer!*
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