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  • Hello everybody! We have tons of new awards for the new year that can be requested through our Awards System thanks to Antifa Lockhart! Some are limited-time awards so go claim them before they are gone forever...


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  • They were his daughters before they became Masters, but yeah, just how far can one go to protect something?

    Da-dum! XD Thankies for the praise *glows* X3

    THe fruits of hard work are always so sweet though, ^_^ I have faith it'll work out :3

    Full chapters are on thier way, sailing, sailing, along~, ch 36 and a revamped 37, and having the final volume of Angel Sanctuary to distract me didn't help XD
    *Tries to block, but the sword slips past and grazes arm*

    (You held a competition? And how good that is depends on how large your group was, doesn't it? ^^)

    I'm sorry I couldn't get anything out for you this week - TT.TT

    And, no air condition? O_O Down here in the south that's, well it's very bad, how do y'all do it?

    What our club does to raise money is the typical bakesale. Everyone bakes and we sell it, and when done often enough, the money does add up. It comes with a little sacrfice, but then again what doesn't these days?
    Alright. Good luck with that, because I feel the same! *Swings down again*

    (Cool. Were you any good?^^ And were the swords edged, as in were they actually sharp?)
    I'm currently Secretary of our anime club at my college, and boy is it alot of work! XD

    I wouldn't have thought it being so heavy, but meh, it's fine ^_^
    Ah, I accidently posted on my own chat XD


    It'd be awesome if you and your group could come, it'd be nice to meet ya >X3

    Although my graphics classes are gonna murder me this year, eek, we'll see if it works out :tongue:

    Call it A-Kon lag, all the craziness was venting out of me, and now I'm back to normal....Or am I....?

    (Naw, I'm, pretty much calmed down now XD )
    That's contradicting, you know. *gets stabbed through the shoulder* Saying you don't want to stop, and then stabbing... *twists katana to free it from Coldy's grasp*

    (But that wasn't a real fight, was it? It was just for fun. It sounds kind of cool^^ Real swords? As in steel ones?)
    ZZZZzzzZZZZZzzzzZZZZzzzzZZZZZzzzzZZZZZZ *wakes up to poking*

    .....Meow! O_O I've woken up in the body of a.....bouncy ball?! EEEEHHHHH?!
    *Dodges* But I don't want it to end yet... *Takes stance again* Fighting's fun! *Charges* (Virtual fighting, of course, in real life it's kinda bad^^)
    I'm very scary now >:D I've come back from A-kon and....and.....ZZZZzzzzzZZZZZzzzzZZZZZZzzzzzZZZZZ (Trip lag)ZZZZzzzz....
    I'm not that scary actually. I don't think I'm scary, at least. But of course I know myself very well. Or I think I know myself very well. I should stop talking... *swings down again* That's better!
    *Jumps in from above*

    OH! It's fun to make girls mad is it? Is it you say? "Hell hath no furry like a woman scorned" and Coldman, now you have two.


    Tee hee!

    As the person who made the psycho Lady of Red, I'll show you what a psychopathic angry female can do! 8D


    (P.S I'm glad you had fun writing your story ^_^ )
    Did I hear that right? *Rolls to the side* For a girl? You sure you want to say that? Because I can show you just how scary girls can be... *Grins sadistically*

    I can be patient. It would be nice if you could get online more often, but as long as you can't I'll just wait.
    So do I. *gets hit* Aiming for the wounded side, huh? That's no way to treat a lady. I'd better teach you some manners! *Stabs*

    I get it. It's good you'll still be able to get online. Too bad it won't be as often as before anymore...
    ;_; I finished reading your very last chappie, and now I'm gonna go and hug my puppy and my kitty and watch spongebob to help the sadness....Not everyone gets a happy ending, sometimes we get resolves since life, doesn't really have an end....It keeps going in one direction :'3

    Good artists provoke, and greats make you feel. And I felt buddy. There are little touches in the last chappie that are written with such heart, I do think you can keep on writing, keep working on your material, and if you post your own fanfic, you can bet I'll be there ^_^

    Good on ya buddy ^_^
    True. *locks swords with Coldy* But we wouldn't want it to be over too soon either, would we?

    By the way, how come you're online now? I though you could only use internet at school... Not that I mind^^ I'm just wondering!
    For my graduation, I got a lot of jewelry XD It's too pretty, I can't wear any of it or it'll break :p

    Wow, 1000 grads? Mine was a bit smaller, 778 grads, but then my last name begins with a "U" so joy, XD That sucks you were burning up, were your colors black? Or another color? I was black, and thought I was in an oven too -_-
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