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    Studio Ghibli Worlds

    Since Disney owns Video-Rights to Studio Ghibli's U.S. branch, do you think worlds based on Studio Ghibli films might be possible and/or show up in future Kingdom Hearts titles? What world's would be the best? (Ones that I want) - Howl's Moving Castle: Turnip Head!!! Or some Limit that...
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    Ghost in the Shell games

    Has anyone ever played that PS2 Ghost in the Shell game? I haven't but I heard it wasn't too good... As I was playing Halo 3 on XboxLive, I thought how cool it would be if a next-gen GitS game came out, but with online play with special actions like hacking into people's eyes, back-hacking...
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    will KH2 FM+ come to North America

    *Sigh* I hope it comes out outside of Japan... but I think it's oing to stay only in Japan. The first KH+ was made because the U.S. release had extra bosses like Kurt Zisa (damn his spin attack >_<), but instead of making a disc with barely any content, they just made an updated version, with...
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    Heartless & Nobodies

    Wow...that does help a lot =D
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    Org. members 7-12 names

    What about Xaldin..? Wouldn't his name be Linda..? XD Oh, and supposedly by one magazine Axel=Jerk in Japanese (not sure though).
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    Heartless & Nobodies

    Ok, so in Kingdom Hearts I, the description of a heartless was "those without hearts," but wouldn't that make them a nobody since nobodies are empty husks without hearts? Shouldn't the proper description of a heartless be a heart overrun by the power of darkness, or are they empty husks of...
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    Online Videos

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post it, but here it goes: What are some of you're favorite online videos out there (please, nothing gross)? here are some of mine: Charlie goes to Candy Moutain Kingdom Hearts-Invader Zim Style (a must see for KH and Zim fans alike) Maple Soup (it's...
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    What games do you like?

    What are some of the other games you like, besides Kingdom Hearts? oO Here are some of mine: Shadow of the Colossus Halo (1 & 2) Killzone Okami Radiata Stories Soul Calibur 2 & 3 Maple Story (an MMORPG) Fable Legend of Zelda Wind Waker & Twilight Princess Metroid Prime 1 & 2 Super Smash Bros...
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    Avatars & Pictures

    Ever think it's weird that a lot of people on this website have KH pictures? I get that this is a [great] Kingdom Hearts website. but it's sorta obvious you like Kingdom Hearts -.-, how about adding in other pictures of what you like? oO