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  • Hello everybody! We have tons of new awards for the new year that can be requested through our Awards System thanks to Antifa Lockhart! Some are limited-time awards so go claim them before they are gone forever...


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    Aha. My s ister's having all the fun. Stupid sweet 16 -.- so I'm sitting at home on NYE trying not to be jealous.
    sure you can dude i did that before and i do it when yamoto changes his ages lol anyway good luck man
    i have no idea but, i was thinking if he met leon and they become fast friends that be hilarious lol anyway i posted go read and post if you wish
    but, yamoto will most likely not let him in tsov because he have to test him first.
    just making sure and will clare get her bracelet back can you tell me that lol
    but where would he go not to his house its about to be destroy didn't you read my post dude lol
    lol why would he do that he could have use the hidden passage and besides there will be guards there and they ain't no one enter and yamoto will probably recognize him and leon will to lol.
    sorry if this is a stupid question but is the bracelet that arck took what was it and if he wanted to know if leon gave kyshi note he should have ask instead of attacking the city lol anyway great post as always my good man
    and he told me that he would post later today...... >:/ I want to use that smiley again.
    *facepalms* yeah you're right about that lol. Aggggggghhhhh I want chaos to post!!!!! >:/
    lol i know
    not today i alittle not in the mood you get me and i have think what to happen next lol
    i was thinking yamoto sent tsov member go search through arck's house or make him burn i down or something but, i remember that his house is basically is destroy lol
    trust me buddy that hasn't help me in races lol
    true that my friend i just wanted to know lol
    because i'm sorta slow lol
    i get it dude why is arck such a jerk and isn't he too young to drink what an ass lol
    Oh.....okay ^^ Good to know. it's been.......hectic. Alot planned for the new year, not sure how I'm going to keep up with it all xD
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