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  • lol okay if you noticed i haven't posted is because jolt wants to slow it down and he moving and will not know when he has internet connection
    oh i wanted joezo to free jess and clare but with a cost he has to do a month without there aurmite or something. since joezo doesn't really like hiring replacements lol is that okay
    arck doesn't know exactly where they are do they he shouldn't because thats pretty much impossible
    sounds like my batmitzvah.....i was with people im not friends with today
    the only people who know him is leon, kyshi, denis and yamoto . but leon and kyshi on the other side of the city denis is in the medical room because he past out. and yamoto taking care of yoka along with artem. so really your screw for awhile. and yes you can change the placement of the letter but, where though he can't go in the base because he will be spotted.
    but why put the note there though you think someone really going care just tell me why he put it there
    i do but i'm confuse why arck put it there lol
    who do you think is going to care about some guy name him lol
    but, yeah i get the note now
    i didn't get it can you explain because if some random guard see it read it he probably just ball it up and throw it away lol
    lol your right about that lol but what about arck he alittle crazy just killing to get attention leon isn't that crazy lol
    anyway what was the letter about dude.
    Hey I'm goonna leave now ok? *hugs* bye buddy and i hope to talk to you when i get back okay? bye.
    lol if leon did i think the therapist going to need a hospital lol and why do you say he needs one. i probably know the answer but, i want to hear you say it.
    i like the jess and clare post thing it was good it was amazing dude i can't wait to see what you post next for them.

    what arck going to do now give me hint please
    lol i was thinking of that well senbu's older bother is in prison as well so i was thinking of something idk lol
    and yeah arck screw lol but i have faith in you my friend :D
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