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Recent content by Cindri

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    lexeus in CoM manga

    I think it's a way of giving further depth to Lexeaus. To most he appears to be a big, kinda dumb guy. But he's really an intellectual person, and he likes to solve things. Hence the puzzle. Also, he could be just bored. =/
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    Kingdom Hearts: RE: Chain of Memories Petition

    Oy, I forgot what number I was, but it was like 4770-ish. Anyways, maybe this petition won't do much, but I really hope they remake CoM! How awsome would it be to hear the rest of Organization XIII !? Hugs to Re:CoM!! <3
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    Happy birthday COM

    Papaya Brithatah! {Er, Happy Brithday} That's kinda weird how you kept track like that, but hugs to you anyways! And hugs to CoM, too!~
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    {Terror's Tiara}~

    Hi there! Sorry, but currently I just don't have the time to update my story with any regularity! I might actually close this thread, depending on upcoming events. I apologise, and I wish you a good day! ♥ ~^^^~ {Terror's Tiara} Hayo! This is my first Fanfic, but I'm trying my best. I'll try...
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    Should there be another...

    Ohfph, I really dislike when people do that {claim relations to someone they aren't actually related to} But, yeah, I wouldn't mind a CoM-like game either. Even though I didn't play Chain of Memories, the idea of that type of game, kinda like an in-between game, is pretty good.