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    You die like angels sing

    Without Border With Border http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f199/Cin999/Stocks/Infamous-1.jpg - Original pic Cnc or whatever.
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    sora vs terra in bbs?

    ...lol. You think? Maybe you should post a theory thread about this. The world has to know! =o
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    sora vs terra in bbs?

    Well it's always a possibillity. Though understand that Terra in KH2 shouldn't even really be assumed as Terra. He's basically called a lingering memory, or a ghost in KH2. Sora's fighting an imprint that Terra's heart left on that place, or at least that's my theory on the matter. And if my...
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    Nomura Interview - Everything so far

    Rpg master posted the first half, and various other members posted the second half, I thought I'd post the whole thing in one thread. (Or at least all that we've seen so far) Interviewer: (About the 14th Member) Does this character fight? What kind of weapon does she use? Nomura: What about...
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    359/2 days shown at nintendo Conference

    There's not a lot of new info, really just one new screenshot, which confirms Alice in wonderland to be a Playable world.
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    What I Know/Need To Know About BBS

    That has all been stated and noticed before, I'm sorry...XD Most of them are good observations, btw...just you're not the first to have thought of them.
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    A whole new princess

    That's actually a good theory. Aqua seems to be roughly the same age as the other princesses. Kairi however is very young in comparison to the others. If Aqua died, maybe her status, or her heart, or he rlight, or whatever, transfered to Kairi, which would explain the age gap.
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    The significance of Xehanort meaning "no heart"

    He wore a brown cloak to hide his face and be mysterious. You see, we're not supposed to know Ansem is an evil sadistic heartless bastard until the last few levels of the game. Revealing his identity in the first few minutes would take away all suspense and epicness. And Xehanort experimented...
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    battle stance

    ...think Voldo from Soul Caliber. I'll just let that sink in.
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    385/2 days characters

    Wow JakeH, you're such a rebel. "Ha! I dislike Roxas! Take THAT society!" Anyway, I won't be playing the game. I don't have a DS. If I do end up playing though, I'll probably use Xemnas, Xigbar, Saix, Luxord, Xaldin, Zexion, Lexeaus, Marluxia, Demyx, Axel, Larxene, Vexen or Roxas. That's...
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    terras keyblade

    This came from Twinblades's sig, btw.
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    failed experiment

    You can't be human without a body. >.o
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    failed experiment

    The thing that's wrong wtih your theory is that if you combine a heartless and a nobody...you get a human being...we've seen it happen before...2 times in fact...=/
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    something that has to do with Terra and Axel

    It's also plausible for a you to walk through walls...do you? Not that I know of...XD Really, Axel being Terra's nobody is plausible, but HIGHLY unlikely. And I mean HIGHLY.
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    something that has to do with Terra and Axel

    Is it that obvious? v.v /fillerz