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Recent content by Cid Highwind

  1. C

    [sports] Miserable day in Wisconsin

    brett favre retired from the NFL today which devastated everyone in Wisconsin. from when i was young, i always remember brett favre leading the packers. sure we weren't great every season, but it was always entertaining to watch the pack play. brett favre would work his magic and we basically...
  2. C

    The Pineapple Express

    The Pineapple Express Trailer this movie looks like it has great potential. i can't wait to hear more about it.
  3. C

    Problem with finishing my ff games

    idk about anyone else, but do any of you get like near the very end of a final fantasy game and just stop playing? this has happened to me with like the past 4 final fantasy games i have played. maybe it's just me, but i will literally get very close to the end of the game (and i could beat it...
  4. C

    Help/Support ► Do you get teased?

    no, i don't get teased. however, i'm not really big about talking to people at my school about video games, i just keep that stuff to myself.
  5. C

    Help/Support ► I've never been in a situation like this

    thanks man. i wished i could've helped more without having to make a commitment, but like you said, it's not my responsibility and it's way out of my league. that means a lot to me Chosen, thank you. all the people at my school were telling to get away from that "ugly bitch" but i tried to...
  6. C

    Help/Support ► I've never been in a situation like this

    argh, i made this really good post, but then this forum logged me off. dammit, i'm going to keep this kind of short now because i don't really feel like typing all that again. sorry guys, but thanks for the responses. i guess i'll just tell you about the state i'm in. EVERYONE knows about the...
  7. C

    Help/Support ► I've never been in a situation like this

    thanks for the responses guys. i'm getting kinda tired tonight so i'll come back to this tomorrow
  8. C

    Help/Support ► I've never been in a situation like this

    alright, there's this girl at my school named kait. she's really different, she doesn't have many friends (or friends she can trust), she's socially awkward, she's a little big, she's not very good looking, and she has many problems. she's very depressed because some people make fun of her. one...
  9. C

    Help/Support ► I'm not sure if i will get much help, but....

    it is funny, but it's also a little scary tho. this girl is creepy and.....how should i put this.....disgusting. i'm never going to be a nice guy again. pretty much well it all turned out ok. she was cool with the no commitment thing. it was definitely a fun night. thanks to everyone who...
  10. C

    Help/Support ► I'm not sure if i will get much help, but....

    that's probably a good plan. the last thing i need is a girl that's after me. thanks darkly aesthetic i guess the reason why i'm so paranoid about this thing was what happened to me at homecoming. there was this one girl that no one would dance and i felt bad. when she asked me to dance i did...
  11. C

    Help/Support ► I'm not sure if i will get much help, but....

    alright, i'm in a little bit of a dilemma. there's this new girl at my school and she's pretty good looking and nice. she's really attached to me, and i don't blame her, she's the new girl. however, it seems more than that, i think she likes me. normally this wouldn't be a problem, but tomorrow...
  12. C

    Help/Support ► ~Offical Gf Help Center(guys only)~

    hey it's no problem. even if you aren't a good flirter, there's nothing that says you won't be a good flirter later. it really just takes getting used to. i would try it with a girl you feel most comfortable with and get to know how girls act and how they respond to things, then go on from...
  13. C

    Help/Support ► ~Offical Gf Help Center(guys only)~

    khloser4life, here may be some good tips for getting girls. now i'm not sure how old you are, but here's some things that i would say that a kid should know: -flirting with girls is probably the best way to give the girls a sign that you may be attracted to them. the flirting idea is good...
  14. C

    Help/Support ► How do you reject someone?

    i'm glad things sorta worked out
  15. C

    Help/Support ► How do you reject someone?

    well i've just been skimming over the posts. so there are some girls that seem to like you, but you want to let them know that you are not interested right? this is quite simple. just tell them the truth about how you are feeling. if you truly don't like them, just tell them you think they are...