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    Did Pete really not remember Riku?

    I think you're onto something however I don't think it's KH4 it will be explored but perhaps we might get that game bridging BBS and KH1, we could finally see Mickey banish Pete to the Realm of Darkness! I know everyone says thats a mistranslation in the English version but everyone needs to...
  2. chrisora2066

    Old topic but are you satisfied with Alyson playing kairi or do you still want Hayden back?

    Well congrats to OP for making me login to this account for the first time in like 4 years so I could respond to this thread lol With 7 Remake I had assumed perhaps the voice actor strikes had possibly been some of the reason for change, but after realizing that Cody Christian is probably in...
  3. chrisora2066

    Random Unchained X update

    So I was in the middle of a raid boss when the game told me to randomly update the app. Thanks SENA, has this happened to anyone else? I hope we get jewels for this...