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    KH1 or KH:COM you decide

    hey everyone not sure if this is in the right place and i also dont know if a thread like this has already been made but i wanna know which of these games (KH1 or KH:COM) do you think is better and way
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    Demix, Xaldin and BHK friends artwork!

    amazing find thanks for showin everyone :)
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    Wat if there was no key blade.....

    maybe one of the 3 weapons you choose from at the begining of kh either the sword the staff od the sheild
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    2player in KH2?

    i hope that they don't do the same thing as in com because i beleive this will shorten the amount of gameplay in the main game
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    favorite quotes from kingdom hearts

    mine is the convisation between sora and riku in hollow bastion after riku has how sora can't fight without a weapon sora says avut his heart and then riku calls it weak and sora then says allthought my heart my be weak its grown with each new experience and it made a home with all the...
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    what was the most dramatic part of kh?

    i think that one of te most dramatic moment is when sorais fight ansem who is inside of riku(controling him) when kairi's heart begins to respond riku charges at sora but kairi's voice tells sora to look out and he blocks the attack with his keyblade with like a secound to spar and says your not...
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    bhk lookin at fingers

    maybe he might not be lookin at hi hand maybe his has somthin in his hand and hes looking at that
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    Utada Hikaru - New Song?

    i hope Hikari does make a new song but i think the old song should be kept as well but also i hope that tey have other songs in it it prob won't happen but it would be kowl to have so real music like linkin park or sum 41 playin during curtain battles that would be kowl
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    Hey guys did you notice...

    ok this is what i thought about the hp thing ok i think thazt the hp gauge never grows it will alway be that size but when you get more hp the rate at which the bar fall is slower
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    soras hp

    no i think that his hp bar never changes size it will always stay like that but the more hp he get the slower it will reduce if you know what i mean
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    unknown's fashion

    ok this may sound weird but this is a battle i think from the way sora is holding the keyblade so its like hes ready to fight but the unknown is holding a weapon why isnt he or she holding a weapon
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    just wonderin

    who do you think that deep jungle with tarzan wasent in kh com cause iv just started playin and im up to holloween town and i havent seen it anyone know why they havent addedit to kh com
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    The bigest twist would be?

    that they exspect you to fight that realy big battle at the end of the trailer and to defet all of the heartless sora gets a new ability but to use the ability he has to sacrifice himself
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    What is your fave quote from KH?

    sora:althow my heart my be weak its grown with each new experience and its made a home with all the freinds ive made and if they dont forget me if the think of me are hearts will be one.
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    who would win in a fight against each other riku or sephiroth

    ok if your takin this as there abilities from kh 1 her you go riku hp = 900 str = 31 def = 24 that is riku with the keyblade sephiroth hp = 1800 str = 46 def = 46 so after see in them id say sephiroth would beat riku easy