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Recent content by Chie

  1. Chie

    (SPOILERS) KINGDOM HEARTS Union X Final: Part 1

    That's what we already knew about darkness though, as a force of nature. These darknesses are just aware enough to describe that to us in words. But what actually were these things, before they were 'darkness'? Whatever they were, they're from a time that the MoM would prefer people to not even...
  2. Chie

    (SPOILERS) KINGDOM HEARTS Union X Final: Part 1

    There are many complicated stories told using video games. I would say that Kingdom Hearts and Metal Gear are relatively low on this scale, outside of the X/UX stuff which is actually ascended on another level for being almost nothing but ambiguities and very alarming casual implications. I've...
  3. Chie

    (SPOILERS) KINGDOM HEARTS Union X Final: Part 1

    If that's really all there is to him, the misdirection was so much that absolutely everything about how he himself acted and Maleficent talked about him was all also only misdirection, and the part at the end of the game where he randomly starts saying "you're not me!" is the only part of his...
  4. Chie

    (SPOILERS) KINGDOM HEARTS Union X Final: Part 1

    Elrena is perfect. These tiniest bits of dialogue already make me love Larxene so much more. I mean, that's one way to overcome feelings of worthlessness, right? Make a persona for yourself that is 100% dominant at all times. And then keep that up until you start to believe it. What a good girl...
  5. Chie

    KHUX Remake as an MMO

    The entire point of remaking the game is so that it wouldn't be tied to all the complications of an online game, and would instead be a Kingdom Hearts game you can actually play as a part of the sequenced story when you're playing the series. Even the fanciest MMO would just prolong this issue...
  6. Chie

    News ► Nomura: "There is no connection between" Kingdom Hearts III and NEO: TWEWY

    Oh shit I actually forgot about that when I made my post, so I guess I'll say here "my post is non-definitive on the kana issue", because I'm not sure myself. Though I feel like the way KH uses it could be different*, since idk if people who left Shibuya to go somewhere else would keep...
  7. Chie

    News ► Nomura: "There is no connection between" Kingdom Hearts III and NEO: TWEWY

    I wouldn't say seeing the cast again is deconfirmed at all, it just will be on KH's own terms instead of having to do with the new TWEWY game. Also, Quadratum seems to be at least two cities within Tokyo (Shibuya and Shinjuku), so I'd bet the Shibuya part is still named Shibuya.
  8. Chie

    News ► Nomura: "There is no connection between" Kingdom Hearts III and NEO: TWEWY

    Someone brought up the Ultimania quote and I'm still not sure why this is so easily misinterpreted except that people just don't know Japanese and it's tripping them up. He says that Neku promised to meet Sora in Kana!Shibuya. He then says that the Shibuya in KH3 is not Kanji!Shibuya, but...
  9. Chie

    News ► Nomura: "There is no connection between" Kingdom Hearts III and NEO: TWEWY

    I think anyone who views this kind of thing in a completely linear way is missing the point. And sadly, even artist statements like this are usually used by people to back up that kind of linear viewpoint. (Not that I'm blaming Nomura, since you pretty much have to put it like this in...
  10. Chie

    News ► Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Patch 1.04 Out Now

    Is not the added context easy enough to already assume? Feels like a further symptom of overwriting/fluff "explanations", which I really dislike.
  11. Chie

    KHUX ► Master of Masters, the Demiurge

    Some people have already discussed how the Master of Masters has become a clear author-figure. I won't repeat all of that here, but I think it's a pretty natural conclusion seeing as he wrote the story of the entire series both literally and figuratively (or perhaps they are one and the same)...
  12. Chie

    (SPOILERS) Union X: The World's End

    The Master is definitely prideful in other ways too: he misleadingly presents himself as the origin of the Keyblades and the beginning of this whole story, and when he does acknowledge the fact that there were other Keyblade wielders before him, he says that he was the only one that matters...
  13. Chie

    (SPOILERS) Union X: The World's End

    To elaborate on this a bit, this seems to not just be good timing/themeing but a reflection of the truth of the plot. It has been said before, and now it has been said again in clearer terms: the entire story of Daybreak Town has been a constructed scenario by the Master of Masters for the...
  14. Chie

    (SPOILERS) Union X: The World's End

    Isn't it so perfect that the virtual Daybreak Town is glitching out and collapsing right before the game's about to be shut down? There's a lot in this update that I love.
  15. Chie

    Some don't want Disney in the next Kingdom Hearts games anymore

    I guess I am mostly talking about stuff like these things in MrFranklin's post: "It's not happening. Sorry guys, I don't know how to break this to you", "We wouldn't be having this argument if"...