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  • Oh, I can't pinpoint just one or two . . . Film scores are my usual fare, but I also like playing swing and some classical. Bach, for example, is great for listening--but hellish playing.

    Currently, I'm learning a few pieces from the soundtrack to the BBC's Sherlock.
    I act onstage, and have played the piano in public before.
    The latter is usually kept as a hobby, though.

    Now that I think about it, his template was accepted a while back; he was only just recently allowed to post.
    Well, it's nice to hear that you have something on the horizon.
    Don't worry about the concert; actually performing is always easier than the hours prior.

    KH: Eclipse has seen a new character and some villainous plotting, but not much else besides.
    Cast in Steel failed before it could begin, as I suspected it would. Poor Mistborn is just too obscure a canon...
    Ah, you're in that time of the year?
    Don't worry about keeping pace with RPs during your final exams; real life takes precedence.
    Well, I'm certainly glad to hear that you're interested.
    The series is written by Brandon Sanderson, and you can find it in most any bookstore/library.
    I'm curious, Chi-Chan . . . Would you care to take a look at this little experiment of mine?
    It's a semi-obscure canon, but it's perfect RP material; I just need people to treat it as they would an original roleplay.
    I'm in the Northeastern NA time zone, so I assume that the twenty-four hour cycle has already finished for you Aussies. It's still May 15 in my neck of the woods, hehe.
    Good Morning, Chi-Chan! It's about 5:30 PM in this part of the world—but a Good Morning to you, nonetheless.
    Ah, I've heard it mentioned in a few theatre circles.
    Good luck during auditions! If it's a role about which you're passionate, let that enthusiasm overtake any nervousness.
    I'm doing well, thanks. KHI and real life have both been uneventful, but pleasant.

    How about yourself?
    Urgh . . . I look at a few of my late-night posts and cringe.
    Still, that just shows how rarely a writer is satisfied with his/her work; I'm sure you'll be fine, m'dear.
    Ah, you're expressing interest in KH: Eclipse?
    It's nice to see it gathering new members.
    Well, it's certainly nice to know that I've been missed! Things in the Roleplaying Section have slowed down, actually, but I know of quite a few up-and-coming projects...

    (If you'll excuse me, the BBC's Sherlock is on; we'll need to maintain our conversation over a longer stretch of time. I'm glad to see you back and active!)
    Ah, a little birdie told me that you'd returned!

    I've been doing well, thanks. How are you?
    Yo, girl, what are you doing here? Holy cow this is crazy, I mean you fell off the face of the earth for quite a while.

    Glad to see you're back c:

    And, I mean, I haven't really been roleplaying all that much recently, and by no means would I call myself "amazing," but I'm still around! I feel like a grandpa, I've been on this site so long.

    But enough about me, how have you been!? Wow, it's so cool to see that you're back
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