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  • I see i dont german so i understand english more. My mother tongue is chinese.
    Yea :) the ultimania stuff is quite interesting
    Wow you do translation from english to german that is pretty cool ^^. Hmm... i think that will depend if the people that read it have any interest??
    Wow you prefer english or German??
    I have been fine :) just read some stuff on KHI forum and the latest interview by Nomura
    I am not a very active poster either but i will post at times and like you i love hanging out in the fanclub section
    1AM. Think i will be going to sleep soon and Germany is quite far away from my country too. How did you get to know this about this forum i came to know about it when i started reading information on KH from KHInsider website
    That's alright. I'm used to it already. Oh, by the way, whne my brother was buying COM, I asked him what it was about. Then he said that it was a Disney and FF cross-over. I was an eight year old who didn't really know FF and got excited. I started cheering "Yay! Kingdom Hearts! Kingdom Hearts!". I didn't know what I was getting myself into.
    I'm really twelve. I was born on 1997. Finally gonna be a teen on October.
    Why do people keep asking me about my age? -_- There's this other member i know who's my age but faked hers.
    (look through my posts and you'll find like five of these)
    Well, I started playing when I was already a fan. My family and I went to the States for summer vacation. Then somehwere on our way to San Fransisco, my older brother bought a GBA SP. Then somewhere in Las Vegas, my brother bought COM. Then I watched him play(something I've been doing since I was like, three years old) and liked the story. Then we went back home to the Philippines. My other two brothers bought a PS2. Then my other brother bought my other brother and sisiter and I KH1 for Christmas followed by KH2 a few months later. I rememer always watching them play KH1 and 2 and getting scenes stuck in my head.
    Then when I was in 5th grade, I decided to touch the KH games.
    Let's not do it all by ourselves. We should save some work for the other HC emembers, amirite?
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