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Recent content by ChazF

  1. ChazF

    7/1 Dark Road Update: July Event Calendar, New Cards

    Well, it just never looked right to me. I played chi all the way to the end while frequenting this site for translations of menus and attacks and stuff. It always seemed like it was Seven Blades/Seventh Blade/Blades of Seven. It's just weird that there's a Blade of Seven and a Blades of Two in...
  2. ChazF

    7/1 Dark Road Update: July Event Calendar, New Cards

    I'm sorry but "Tinkle Star" sounds kinda worse than "Blade(s?) of Seven". C'mon, Localization Team!
  3. ChazF

    News ► Official Twitter shares new screenshots of in-game battles and cutscenes for KH Dark Road!

    It's always annoyed me that they translated that move as "Blade of Seven". Chi's always seemed like it was "Seven Blades" or "Seventh Blade". They can at least make it "BLADES of Seven". Idk I know it's not something to get mad at but it's annoying. I'm certain there was a Lucifer medal that was...
  4. ChazF

    Why did they change Roxas face model?

    I don't know if this is the same person from last time, but just as I said then: The devs seemed to have put some thought into it because of the way they made sure you could them apart just by looking at how they "hold their faces"... if you know what I mean. Roxas tends to have a more subdued...
  5. ChazF

    1/1 Union χ JP Update: SB++ KHIII TAV, Monthly Updates, Lucky Bags

    But, how would that even work? They would have to do more than one formchange for each weapon form of EotE. Like, You walk around and attack with EotE with the initial change, but go into "Archer" mode for Auto-Shot. Or the shotlock is Ultima Cannon. Maybe they'll implement the different forms...
  6. ChazF

    1/1 Union χ JP Update: SB++ KHIII TAV, Monthly Updates, Lucky Bags

    So, I guess those medals kinda prove that Terra holding Earthshaker wasn't a fluke or placeholder; they meant to do that. So, is TAV's endgame Keyblades not canon or something? Up until this point Lingering Will has always held Ends of the Earth, but it appeared to hold Earthshaker in another...
  7. ChazF

    Honestly Here’s what Roxas and Ventus truly need in order for people to tell them apart!

    I mean, they gave Roxas darker eyebrows. Plus, I seem to be able to tell them apart pretty easily. It isn't hard to tell that's Roxas in the art; Nomura seems to always make sure his little X symbol is visible so you know that's him. Also, I feel like I remember Roxas's hair being slightly more...
  8. ChazF

    Why is the cgi of kh3 characters look plastic compared to the old cgi?

    I think it looks really great! Though, Sora's lips look really weird in some scenes. I feel like they're going for a Disney-inspired color/shading technique but with Final Fantasy style characters and elements. Which is basically what Kingdom Hearts's aesthetic is: Disney-ish narrative with...
  9. ChazF

    News ► New Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind DLC trailer, Release Dates Announced

    Ooooooohh, I can't WAIT for this to release! When I first heard Aerith's obvious new VA I was like "Who the fork are you?!" I think my favorite parts are definitely RAX ready to fight, explorable Scala ad Caelum, the Guardians vs the Replicas (especially seeing Xion smack the heck out of that...