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  • I've been alright for the most part.

    I've noticed that about SE, they like if not love to screw over the good/awesome characters, examples, Vincent, Aqua, Zack and Terra...oh god Terra!
    :D Well Xemnas is an interesting case all on his own.

    Yes, from a loophole Xemnas could have found out about the LOD's trick from ME or MX just for the fact that they are Masters.
    could have Xemnas have that ME and Aqua memory and deduction about Ven...Yeah, there's a chance of that but that just seems way to conveinet to me.

    Not to mention, just as we recently learned Roxas was a potential vessal for Xehanort and yet Xemnas didn't care wether or not Roxas survived the final fight with Xion because one was going to absorb the other, i believe he also gave her boost in power as well...Kind of sounds like self-sabotage

    edit, I don't think Xion would have been a good vessal for Xehanort, even if she did win against Roxas. and i don't think she was mentioned in that regard either.

    Yeah, Xemnas loves him some violence!
    ...I am amazed at the theories you come up with.

    I can imagine him holding off on getting Aqua and Ven back until his goals were achieved, I suppose in an odd sense he wouldnt want his friends to see what he'd had to do.

    AND it does explain why at least Aqua is still in ROD, because the organization travled in and out of there and your right Aqua doesnt have the coat, how could any of them not sense her? but still Xemnas and Aqua had to have encountered one another for him to even find out Ven was in ROA in the first place. No one but Aqua knew.

    I agree with the genocide, because the KH2 battle in HB/RG seems to be one example of that...aside from a keyblade war. and all the non-xehanortifed members were sent to CO to die...


    Happy Easter!
    Nomura has been building up on this duality for a long time even though most of those 'building up' moments were subtle and to pull a 'Xehanortification' is like a big FU to his own handiwork.
    I mean wasnt that the point of 3D to reveal how Xemnas and AnsemSOD were different and to explain Xehanort, and from what've seen we only got 1 answer.....and made it unessarily complicated

    Yes, and that was great about Xemnas was he had that duality to be great tragic villian/fallen hero but alas we didnt because companys assume that people arent into characters with depth
    Well maybe not in Love/fancy way but Terra would still have emotional attachments to Aqua, being friends and all.
    Though in Aqua's pov it did show in light subtleness but to be fair, Terra was heavily distracted with his personal issues and trying to protect both her and Ventus.

    Yes, Xemnas is our last hope....sort of, He does still have it and makes conversation with it but since Xemnas is still holding on to the armor then without a doubt, HE MUST HAVE THE WAYFINDER as well.

    Honsetly in the cutscene where just before Lea/Axel saves Sora, I was kind of hoping that would be the moment that Xemnas would pull a heel face turn and show that he was still partially Terra and be the one to save Sora because of the recently remebered subtle connection Sora shares with Ventus and Aqua

    Yes, I am. after all of our Xemnas theories how can i not be....though as a just in case, want to start that angry letter to Nomura? lol :)
    And it does in a very subtle way explain why the orginzation was dsyfunctional as it was, they all had an influenece of Xehanort. (though where does someone like Demyx fit in?)

    I know we haven't seen all the scenes yet but I'm still likely to think that Xemnas has split personailty,due to Xehanort, Terra and maybe Erauqs.

    YES EXACTLY, That can not be ignored anymore!

    BBS V2, don't fail us now!.....
    Yeah, I know, so much for wishful thinking...But hey at least the action was good right?!

    I mean loved the scene where Sora see's Aqua and Terra right before his fight with Xemnas
    I saw some of Xemnas's boss fight game play last night and all i have to say is Xemnas took an extreme level in badass as compared to his KH2 boss fights.
    That's alright!

    I never thought of it either, unitl I was re-reading Re: Chain of Days and Rebirth 2 and I got to that Xemnas and Xigbar moment in Days. It hit me like that.
    but the difference i'm seeing is that for the acutal game, it could be either Xehanort or Terra screwing with Xigbar

    Unlike in the story we are aware, it's Terra.
    See, there's always that chance!

    but honsetly I hope it isnt that because like i said and which is probably a shared thought, it's overdone!
    to be honset, it does sound a bit confusing, perhaps a mistranslation?

    I mean that sounds really....dumb, The organization all being tools for Xehanort reincartions, Xemnas, was already one (but with Terra and ME in him) Braig/Xigbar I can understand. maybe even Isa/Saix but all the others, that's OVERDONE,

    Case and Point: Ven/Vanitas/Sora/Roxas/Xion and Namine/Kairi
    Hey, I just had an interesting thought about Xigbar and Xemnas.

    We are well aware that Xigbar has an eve's dropping habit as shown in the deleted scene with Zexion and that He's implied to know more about Xemnas then anyone else due to his past connections with Xehanort and Terra.
    But then it hit me, Was Xemnas even aware that Xigbar was following him? Because as powerful and smart as he is, that would be a very amteur thing to do
    OR Did Xemnas know he was being followed and possibly was setting Xigbar up for something?

    What do you think?


    If you sign on 2day, do me favor can you bump the club up, because BlackFrozenRose was telling me that she was waiting for her posts to be approved by a mod. and i want to see if that's the same case w/ anyone else.
    Well I do see it differently because the final fight will be Aqua vs Xemnas and Riku and Sora would only be watching by.

    However there will be an epilogue battle, to which will be the series finale. and then the mega happy ending.
    though the Xigbar plan won't happen for awhile, I can tell you Xemnas will be around for it.

    Here's a little hype for u

    Aqua's blood on Xemnas
    Sorry about the double post, not sure how that happened.

    Oh, I've been working on Ch6, trying to break through my writers block. but i'm still getting plenty drama ready for what Xigbar is up too.
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