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  • Hey your alive! lol :)

    I can see that you are. that's good.

    Everything has been going well, I just celebrated my birthday last saturday. I finally updated Queen of Hearts, after who knows how long. been doing some drabbles too.
    and I'm actually excited for KH 1.5 (we're finally getting the FM's...just KH1FM but eventually 2 and BBS) the days cutscenes.
    I loved that line too but Terra wasn't alone in there (but I assume MX left Terra's body first.) Erauqs is still in there unless he was booted out along with Xehanort.

    Maybe, the time travel plan wouldn't have been so bad if they hadn't used it for the Xehanort's. oh and claim, despite traveling back in time nothing changes either way...(then how would X's plan even work?!) perhaps if they take back that claim and had used this plot deivce to save Xion, Roxas, Ven, Aqua and Terra and or maybe even Master Erauqs then maybe it wouldn't be so bad...in theory

    My stories are going okay, I'm trying to get the latest rebirth2 chapter out but i keep having outside interruptions, know what i mean. I'm also plan on updating Queen of Hearts.

    How about you?


    I just started a Queen of Hearts chapter
    Yes, we still do have that shot!

    It, also didnt explain the time travel very well either. but as i am trying to digress/come to terms with this apporach. (not well mind you)

    and we now have the new secret message from DDD,
    The past will be reawakened as a new number in never-before-seen detail

    Prepare yourself for the awakening of the next number"

    It could mean KH3 OR BBS V2.....unless BBv2 is KH3!!!!(dun-dun-dun)....okay maybe that third option is a bit of a stretch.

    but it'll be a long wait till we know for sure, i mean if they ever finish, FFv13

    I look foward to your next month's response! ....j/k
    No, I still won't hold it against you.
    I know, I've been rather lazy myself about wiriting.

    Agreed about the TIme travel, it wasn't needed. Having Terranort reform would have made more sense. becuase I was seeing MX, ASOD and Xemnas but yet Terra was not there...aside from being Xemnas body (but you know what i mean) out of all the characters to be there. that was the one who should of been there!

    While never accruate, and egos aside, We have come pretty darn close to figuring it out at certian points...or at least to how they should of been handle. (makes you wonder, whose doing the job here! j/k)

    Your Right, Ansem The Wise is still a msytery himself but his eyes were golden before he met Terranort perhaps he and the apprentices knew Master Xehanort off screen (because Braig knew him.) and everyone of them lead us to believe something was going on in the castle. another thing that is simply over looked.

    I competely agree with you.

    If, Ansem is one Xehanort's back ups, then I can't help but wonder what that would mean for Aqua. since she is alone with him which makes her a possible target.

    Update, So i heard YX explaintion in english and MX plans in english.....and it still sounds as bad as the first time i heard them in japanese.
    Yeah, but I won't hold it against you! :)

    Thank you, I don't why but I have been second guessing myself, something I hardly ever did with Rebirth/Rechain or other stories.

    After KH3, I won't lie but I'm kind of hoping the series will be over because I feel like Nomura and SE have done all they can with this series. I mean 3D restored to an unnessacry time travel plot device.
    I mean what more could they do? they could explore the idea about the dangerous of too much light and not all darkness is bad but I don't see that working out too well. I mean even with a new cast of Heroes/Villians, it's just going to start feeling like another Final Fantasy Series.

    By the way, I was wondering. Since MX couldn't have Sora/Roxas or Riku as the last vessal. Who do you think would be the next option?
    Yes, I'm still working on Rebirth 2. if you don't mind me asking, how do you think that story's going?

    My Plans are also working out, while looking for work.
    Not at the moment

    Yeah, Peter did do a good job as Xemnas.

    Hey I've got a crazy theortical question for ya, Since MX couldn't Sora or Riku as the last vessal. Who do you think would be the next option?
    Thank you!

    Liberal Arts, is my major.

    Yay :D

    So I saw the english trailer, Peter is back as Xemnas.
    I've been good, I'm gradurating from college this coming Wenesday.

    Yeah, I loved that part too. :)

    I made a new amv at someones request, it's in the club if you want to check it out.

    started chapter seven, this week.
    Hey Chase! How are you?

    so How long till your summer break?

    Edit, Breaking news!, Mordecai updates Fading Sentiment!
    Sorry for the late ass answer, I'm in the middle of moving out and this combined with my work severly cuts my online-time, lol.

    I won't give a total judgement yet since I didn't exactly follow all their appearances throughout DDD and there isn't an official translation yet, but going at it overall up to now would be:

    Ansem SoD was certainly upgraded quite a bit as the time traveler who essentially set in motion Xehanort's back up plan of the thirteen darknesses, yet DDD also added a certain bit of ambiguity to his whole disposition when looking at Riku's reactions and speeches in his final battle against him.
    Not to mention that it was Ansem (in tandem with Young Xehanort) who set up the whole plot of separating Sora and Riku and worked towards the eventual climax at TWTNW.

    Xemnas was now unmasked as an even bigger asshole (alongside Xigbar) than we actually knew up to now and it now certainly looks like as if Xemnas was not only in league with Xehanort all along and worked on his part of the back up plan, nope, he also purposefully teamed up with Young Xehanort to aid in "mind-raping" Sora and weaken his heart so that the whole scheme of Xehanort came to a near success and practically used and abused everyone around him even heavier than Ansem to a degree.

    So, to shortly summarize things, while I would say that both Ansem SoD and Xemnas still shine out as true villainous "Xehanort"-forms, Ansem SoD's villainy got slightly toned down (but only in regards to Riku) while Xemnas' got turned up several nodes.
    And they both got demoted from actual big bads to Master Xehanorts (or Young Xehanorts) second in commands, but I guess that one was predictable considering who's the real "man behind the man".
    You make very excellant point about Ansem The Wise possibly being among the 13 Darkness. MX has been to RG/HB before BBS due to his influence and alliance with Braig.
    It's not impossible that Off-Screen that MX could have gotten to Ansem the wise early on. Your right because in KH2, his eyes were Orange/Amber just as SOD and Xemnas. In BBS they're the same color then as well. I bet most people (including myself) didn't see the connection because ATW was deemed as good guy before the betrayal and became the jerkass that we've come to know!

    And since you've mentioned him, I noticed something about 3D's secret ending when they show Aqua for that moment, Ansem The Wise isn't in the scene...at all.

    Back to the 7 lights.
    1. Aqua
    2. Kairi
    3. Xion
    4. Roxas
    5. Ventus
    6. Sora
    7. Riku

    With Inter-changeable spots
    1. Axel
    2. Mickey
    3. Namine? It's questionable at this time.
    5. Master Yensid? He is a retired Keyblade master but could he come out of retirement if the needed to since he is that concerned over Xehanort. (he could but mostly likely won't happen)
    6. Terra's Lingering Sentiment, The Keyblade Graveyard is mostly likely to return.
    Your right, it proberly is going to be like that for Terra, whether as Xemnas or as TerraNort, either way we look at it Terra's without a doubt involved with the 13 darkness in some form or another and the same applies to Eraqus though we've seen no sign of him at all. aside from MX figuring out ME went into Terra
    Because, look they gave Axel a keyblade...for some apprant reason (other then his popularily amongst the fans saving him.) my guess is Axel is fighting in Terra's place cause let's count, Aqua, Xion, Kairi, Ven, Roxas, Riku, Sora, 7 Lights right there.
    though since Ven is still asleep, Mickey takes Ven Place. but this is a good question of how would Xion and Roxas return as seprate beings? and another question now that Kairi is being acknowledge as a key wielder, does that mean Namine gets one now by default?
    Those 7 Lights are very questionable at the moment.
    Okay, I know said the new chapter would be up...this now past weekend and it is monday but it will be up this week. just got some editing to do because this chapter, i wasnt happy with not to mention the delays!

    I just got a little side tracked is all.

    Edit, Chapter Six is now up!
    at first I thought the sims were a bit dumb but then after playing it ....it somehow manages to get you into it.

    I agree with you on that, Xemnas vs Terra would be awesome, it be nice to see Terra fighting for his body/existance, instead of Sora or Riku.
    we saw Riku fight for his and now it's Terra's turn.

    On a fanatasy level, I would kill to see Aqua Vs Xemnas. and i'd like it to be simialr to how Mordecai wrote thier battle.
    That's good to hear, I'll look forward to them.

    I'm going to try and update, "Queen Of Hearts" after another 2-3 chapters of Rebirth 2 ( just to make up the time i willing wasted on playing the Sims 3....God that game is addicting
    Nevermind, what i said before about my block just know this.....
    Except Chapter 6 of Kingdom Hearts 2: Rebirth, This weekend.
    ....I'd like to say fine but honsetly it hasn't been much, It's been a little progress but I can say I'm trying to break through this rut of mine but honsetly I think it's my ADD that's affecting the story progression because I want to write it , I do! I freaking love the concept of Aqua being thier the whole time. I mean I even mashed Days and Chain of Memories together....but by the time I do, I've already written a sentence and did a few edits and mentally i feel like a wrote 20,000 words

    Hows your stories progressions?
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