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Recent content by ChaoticHeart

  1. ChaoticHeart

    Richard Epcar Confirmed for Eirtakon 2012!

    For any Irish people out there, Eirtakon have announced their guests of honour for Eirtakon 2012, none other than Richard Epcar, along with his wife, and fellow voice actor, Ellyn Stern. Source
  2. ChaoticHeart

    Help/Support ► EMERGENCY!

    If you're that stuck I could set up a bot for you... ? Or not, if stuff like that is against the rules? EDIT: My bad, thought we just had to visit your site, I don't know if I'm able to do ads on a site :/
  3. ChaoticHeart

    Help/Support ► Money Troubles

    We will be doing more advanced language studies, history, chinese caligraphy, and just getting a taste of the culture, as we'll be doing a years study there for our course in a few years.
  4. ChaoticHeart

    Help/Support ► Money Troubles

    I need your advice on something KHI. My Chinese class has a 2 week trip organised to Shanghai University for an easter study camp next year. All we have to pay for is the flights, all academic and lodging fees, including food, are being paid for. At the moment the flights are costing around...
  5. ChaoticHeart

    Help/Support ► HOMEWORK HELP THREAD!

    Are you missing a catalyst?
  6. ChaoticHeart

    Help/Support ► Tips for depression

    Talking to your friends, family, giving/recieving hugs, kittens, taking time for yourself, and most importantly talk to a professional, even your GP, if it becomes too much.
  7. ChaoticHeart

    Help/Support ► What should I get/What order should I get these things?

    Inheritance is the Eragon, Eldest and Brisingr books, and you should throw Dark Souls on to your list as well, looks to be awesome!
  8. ChaoticHeart

    Help/Support ► Security Software

    Security Essentials from microsoft is pretty solid, I'd recommend it.
  9. ChaoticHeart

    Help/Support ► tech help... :x

    Make sure the other computer has all it's antivirus stuff :P
  10. ChaoticHeart

    Help/Support ► tech help... :x

    Malwarebytes : Free anti-malware, anti-virus and spyware removal download Try this, if it dosen't work I'd reccomend formatting your hard drive, hopefully you don't anything too important on your laptop.
  11. ChaoticHeart

    Help/Support ► Need help for research (college homework)

    That film 'Repo', where they have the bionic organs. Exploring how medicine could be privatised and used solely to make money, and how people would be at the mercy of private corporations. Essentially losing control of your own life, or something like that...
  12. ChaoticHeart

    Help/Support ► I lack a CoM game box, I need one.

    Ah, my bad, I only ever saw one physical copy of the game where I live, so I know how rare it is. If you know anyone that'll be in the states soon ask them to check out a few stores, otherwise see if you can find a retro game store.
  13. ChaoticHeart

    Help/Support ► I lack a CoM game box, I need one.

    PS2 I presume? If so you can buy preowned copies on amazon, game mightn't work but you'll have the case.
  14. ChaoticHeart

    Help/Support ► HELP I need anime piano sheet

    Fruits Basket - Epilogue ~Piano~ This should do it bud.