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    Richard Epcar Confirmed for Eirtakon 2012!

    For any Irish people out there, Eirtakon have announced their guests of honour for Eirtakon 2012, none other than Richard Epcar, along with his wife, and fellow voice actor, Ellyn Stern. Source
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    Money Troubles

    I need your advice on something KHI. My Chinese class has a 2 week trip organised to Shanghai University for an easter study camp next year. All we have to pay for is the flights, all academic and lodging fees, including food, are being paid for. At the moment the flights are costing around...
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    Made it through the leaving cert, like a boss!

    Just thought I'd announce my triumph over Irelands spartan education system! Passed honours maths like a boss, controversial paper 1 and all :cool:
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    Computer Trouble: iTunes

    I've been trying to fix the family computer for well over 3 weeks now, iTunes won't install properly, even after completely removing and reinstalling all iTunes related software several times, and repairing all .NET framework. The pc is running Windows XP 32-bit. Please help me! :confused:
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    kingdom hearts recoded eu facebook account updated not too long ago with a new screenshot and also says there are many new exciting battle systems
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    Will there be...

    Unique keyblades, shotlocks and command styles for each character? (no spoilers please)
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    AD-HOC Regions

    do you really need the same region psn account to play with with people in different regions?
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    the european bbs facebook page has updated with the gamescom trailer, although it is kind of old by now, lol KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep (EU) | Facebook
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    Differences between NA and EU versions?

    I dont know if this question has already been answered but will there be any differences between the north american and european versions of bbs?
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    I hate to be the bearer of bad news...

    To my fellow irish people, i have been scouring the internet and local game stores and regret to inform that it dosent look like we will be getting the special edition. I checked smiths, xtravision, game, gamestop and argos and they are only stocking the standard edition
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    Birth By Sleep Special edition confirmed for over 12 countries!

    KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep (EU) | Facebook This page shows the list of confirmed countries that will be recieving the special edition of birth by sleep, as well as the extra content included
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    Why do people hate the mullet?

    Im irish and I have a mullet,but whenever a character with a mullet comes up in thread (namely demyx) people start dissing the hairstyle, why is this?
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    KH BBS European site update The European Birth by Sleep website has been updated with information on Radiant Garden and characters including Braig, Isa and Lea. And Disney Town has been added as well.
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    Birth By Sleep in-game extras

    Are the in-game extras in the western release of the game, like the secret boss, exclusive to the north america version or will they be in the european release as well, namely Ireland
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    (SPOILERS) Xion , Xigbar and Axel

    Dude! why does xigbar see Ven when xion takes off her hood and who does axel see that spooks him so bad?