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  • idk if I'll have any time till the weekend, but I bet there will be at least one day this week where I'm not doing anything late afternoon XD
    Thanks man :D

    But srsly we gotta battle again sometime :3 I have a couple more teams I've been wanting to try out somewhere down the line.
    Pokemon Online, should be the one at the top I suppose.

    If I have to get off before round 2, I'll only be gone for like 30 minutes. I'll VM you when I get back online.
    I'll be able to play at least 1 round right now. I might not have time for more than that, I have to eat pretty soon.
    Thought so. Didn't know if you guys were able to finish it yesterday/saturday or anything.
    Hey sorry but time got away from me and i cant battle. Ive already spoken to oberon because im going to be away next week. Congratz on making it to round 3. Sorry if its not how you wanted. I honestly wanted to battle but im moving into a new house so im super busy. Anyways cya
    Oh, well, then I'll battle you anytime tomorrow.
    Just VM me tomorrow when you're ready.
    Because of my faulty memory, I didn't craft my team last night.
    I will start right now, and battle you in one hour.
    It looks like you are 8hrs. ahead (it should be Aug. 2nd, 4am for you, correct?).

    I'll send you a VM when I am ready to battle.
    It looks like I'll be battling you in the Pokemon tournament.
    I can't do it today, but I can battle you either tomorrow or Wednesday.
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