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  • alright, my age is now visible just post a message, on my page if you want to talk. (that, is if/when you get on)
    hey, chos or, max which ever I didn't show my age because, I thought people would think I was was still a kid (in other words treat me different but, with all the advice about criticism not getting you down I've been thinking showing but, I don't do think I should?
    well, everyone has their own way at doing something be it how to get inspiration, what to do with it, how to go further with it, ect. I pace a lot think of the story, and eventually I write it down but, homework, having no say in staying home, makes writing the ideas, take forever.
    Yeah, actually. I listen to music related to my story (like for my kh fics, I listen to the score on youtube) and once i get an idea, i'd type it down on word and save it. Then I'd just add stuff, edit, and post.
    hm...im not sure....you should write a few chapters on your own, without posting them, and if youre satisified with them, post them.
    hey, I know this is late to say but, don't let criticism get you down if you mess up, you mess up have confidence.
    Ok nobody check out Road 2 Oblivion cause I kno it sucks and I'm tired of the crap everyone says about it. It was my first fanfic give me a break. I'm making a new one and I hope this one ends up better. This one is about a girl who looks so much like Aqua(but herhair is long and in a ponytail, she wears a... well I'll figure that out later, she is a water element type and wields the Blue Moon keyblade, and is a speed type[yeah not no magic type]) and she goes through a journey as the new wielder, plus I haven't decided on who the enemies should be, but will either be disney villains or a new breed of heartless that has their original bodies, but can still use the power of darkness.
    Gota marksmenship competition 2morrow won't be able to get on till late in the afternoon or at night, wish me luck!
    I already read it....and it needs a lot of work :/ sorry, but the character is a bit to cocky, and the story doesnt seem like its gonna get anywhere....i dont wanna sound mean, but I'm just gonna tell you my opinion. :(
    Ok ppl, it's finally coming! I already have my first chapter completed and will post it up soon.
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