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  • Itz complicated.... I mean i thought I had the beginning planned out, but it's hard 4 me 2 think of sumthin
    no. that's not it Roxas left the organization on his own free will fought, saix left, fought Xion, absorbed her, and fought Riku because, he was standing in his way to freeing the hearts of Kingdom Heart won, got knocked down, Riku decides to not kill him Roxas gets up, knocks Riku down again, Riku turns into AtD/XH, Gardian stranggles him, Roxas is knocked out in one day his memory is tinkered with, and he assimilated in the alternate TT, Axel shows up at the struggle after the fake Vivi is taken out, and in my story a guy wearing the organization coat take Roxas.
    sorry if I spoiled it for ya (though, I think you know what happens)
    1. I've already done that.
    2. Roxas left the organization, it was in the Interlude, and if you weren't talking about, the organization then, who are you talking about?
    orignally they'd be friends but, I think I can put in a fight moreover, the reason is in chapter 2 The What Could Happen Group make their debut their my creation not anyone elses.
    Branch out how?
    Elixn is one of the main characters, Roxas is also a main charater it's just they haven't met yet, there can be more then one main character for any story.
    Also,this might sound sort of stupid but, this is actually a back-story Elixn whose nobody is he will be revealed, as we progress in the story at the end of each chapter, there will be a short back-story for the person whose, true name is revealed. This will be that parts Interlude
    Because, Roxas is main Character in this story, this interlude is about was his memories, and that Xion may still be alive because friend's hearts are connected weather it's not inside Roxas said, in KHFM 2 that maybe, it's something you can't see, or feel meaning it's possible all the organization members have their hearts just it's neither visible, nor spirtual difficult to say, you have something that has no trace.
    they'll be learning new one's unlike, Sora who needed his clothes for the power in his heart to be be able to use unleashed nobodies, gain it differently on the fact that they have no hearts it will take a while for their new powers to sink in, Elixn will be able to use 2 keyblades just not now, also if you want the Roxas Interlude has been posted just be sure to remember what I said, before taking a look.
    when, you get back on I have a list of some names for you on organization members who will be in the story, (QN: if I can, every member I made will be in it) and their weapons, and attributes
    hair: black long also, has bandages wraped around face
    attribute: death
    weapon: coffin
    a guy who'd rather, skip the intro and get to the good part he has the power to take a corpse, and make it one of his servants he can also, drain the age of those who touch his right hand.
    hair: short straight green hair
    attribute: sound
    weapon: flute
    a mute who is among one of the most trusted members of Xemnas although, she may not seem it she is quite desperate to finding the runaways
    hair: orange
    attribute: speed
    weapon: boomerang
    If there were ever a more uninterested person, Nxyto takes the cake (the life size 7 layer empire state building cake) barely listens to anyone however under it all, hides a very passionate kind of guy
    hair: long yellow with two hair clips on the top edges of it
    attribute: soul
    weapon: baton
    a person who ignores lecturing, and is known for her catchphrase "whatever" she injoys toying with people, and she always has an add-on for Nxyto
    hair:short blonde hair that curves into a moon
    attribute: Ice
    weapon:a lance that is capable of freezing anything
    If there were two words to discribe Nalex they would be "spoiled roten" he thinks he's better then everyone else, and thinks he should be respected as such.
    hair: yellow
    attribute: weather
    weapon: umbrella/lightning rod/mirror
    a girl whose personality can change easily, not much else except that she was the one, who went with Elixn on his first mission.
    hope this is good enough to satisfy
    excuse me, if I'm rude (which I might be) but, what exactly does ppl mean, as for for enemies some disney, others not hope the story doesn't kill your brain cells because, it is going to get very complicated I'll break it down for you when we get there also, I said FF charaters would be in here some from other square soft/enix. Sorry for the cliffhangher but, Azrael already said, it's a longass chapter even though, It's a part the chapter will probably be somewhere along the lines 200 pages so I have interludes, and disscussions to break it up as, for your hint, their on a game world which will be what the disscussions are a referrence to. (hope I didn't sound like a jerk)
    wonderful! quick question the first interlude of my story has a huge spoiler/spoilers to days I figure it will be okay, to post it after all it's out but, if it's not the mods will surely be on my case (and if so, the story won't be able to go)
    I will be posting ma new story "Twilight Road"(or at least until I can think of a beta name I just might keep this name) next week if I have enough time 2 think of sumthing. Any way it'z bout ma girl Dawn who now weilds the keyblade and battles the disney villain group, and if it's good enough I will make the sequel where she will now fight a new breed of heartless who materialized into their human(or almost human-looking) forms, weilds the power of darkness and is after a certain item that if they get, will plunge the universe in darkness 4eva.
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