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    Our New Commander -n- Chief

    For our Hope. :D CnC Apreciated.
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    HD Vector Cloud WP ;) 1440x810 Your opinions and thoughts. Long long long long time since i've been here, and opened PS. ;P
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    Windows Media Player (ALL Versions -.-)

    Well since like 4 days ago...everytime i try opening a video or music file on my laptop, WMP or any other player like (E.G: realplayer, itunes, quicktime) have been freezing on me. Iv tested the files on other computers by transfering via flash drive, and they work fine. And another thing, once...
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    Which phone do you think would be better?

    Ok well my usceullular contract is getting renewed and i get to buy a new phone with all the discounts and such :D Well anyway im having alittle trouble choosing between the Motorola KRZR K1m and the Motorola SLVR L7c...
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    Has anybody seen this!? LOL

    Lol i just had to share this with everybody. made me lagh so hard i fell off chair. Video Link:
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    yeah erm..i need a bit of help

    Well as the title says. If this is the rong place, feel free to move or delete. Ok well i am practicing for this thing called a Catllion. (spelling?) And well its this thing were a girl has 3 chamberlones(spelling again?) who are like ushers for her, and get to dance with her n all that for her...
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    freaky theory

    Ok well u know how at the end Xemnas is talking about light and darkness, or is it the other way around. ok but some one said something about that one cannot exist without the other? isnt that also how the heartless anmd nobodies work? Think about it. Heartless take the hearts, wich makes then...
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    What the heck

    Ok i was sleeping yesterday morning (saterday) and my little brother is watching this show called "coconut friends fruit salad island" i think thats it not shure. Well so anyway i think the whole point of that show is that the coconut can do whatever he wants (somehow) and then my little brother...
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    Do you think this is fair?

    Ok well this is the whole story. Im in highschool (freshman year). Ok so i finish first semester passing everything exept Physics. Wich i got an F with 57 points. Then my teacher says it doesnt matter unless u dont pass next semester. So i work my ass off getting a C in physics this semester...
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    Laptop Suggestions for...

    Ok well my dad says hes going to get me a laptop for passing my freshman year with a 3.0GPA. So orignaly im going to get this laptop. Basicly what i want to do is turn it...
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    Animation Thief (again -.- )

    Ok dont wana sound all desperate and stuff, but KINGDOMHEARTS104 has stolen 2 animations sigys i made for two other people. Just asking if a mod can take care of this thx, n sry for the trouble.
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    Animation Stolen

    Hello, and i would like to report a stolen sig Animation. The thief is robysortijas181 who has taken an animation that belongs to lionheart516. And ofcourse me as his friend am reporting this because it is not right.
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    Orginization Coats

    Well not shure if this belongs here or anything, but any one know were u can get one custom made? like if u want it cashmere or etc. rofl. And i dont want the hood sticking out like somegothic person lol. Or does anybody know what copany makes custom coats like dat xD If this does not belong...
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    Ok just alittle info on begining of the game

    Ok u know like in KH, at the begining you had to fight that GIANT heartless? and then in KHII u had to fight the GIANT Nobody? could dat nobody be the nobody of that giant heartless? xD just a little theory for people to think about. Dont flame me im just trying to create alittle brainstoroming...
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    Who thought...

    Who thought Axel's death was sad. and who didnt want it to happen? he couldv lived on! but if he did how do u think he would get a heart? lol if this is a pointless thread just close it ;)