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  • X) im so stoked! 29 days till kh3d! Ive played the demo like a million times, but its just not enough! Lol
    We don't know if the release date is indefinitely set right now, though. I wouldn't know, though, I didn't try to preorder. It's odd that the news would be wrong though... I don't think that's typical... Sorry to hear that, though.
    yeah it's still kinda comfusing, i was unaware i double posted. My computer is really dumb and slow, so i might have accidentally clicked the post button twice.
    ChakramGirl, just a tip. Double posting is looked down on here, so if you have a post just before it but want to way something else, use the EDIT button. It's down in the grey area right under your post. :3
    I hope you're doing well~ Are you enjoying the site?
    I don't understand how this is called Kingdom Hearts Insider, yet people keep telling me no one likes Kingdom Hearts!! Find another website!
    Why if it isn't Axel! Fancy meeting you here.
    What I've heard...
    *Riku has shorter hair now,
    *a new type of enemies called Dream Eaters will be there,
    *it's the mark of mastery
    *Centered around Riku and Sora
    *Pinnochio and the Hunchback of Notre Dame will be worlds

    I just know the standard information, like that. Threads pop up with recent information on the games from time to time, though. :3 I'm supposed to get one for Christmas so I can play this game. :D
    A Christmas contest? Well, I wish you good luck. :3

    I'm not sure how much a tiny bit is, but if it's a good friend of yours, I think maybe you should try to work it out, without giving up, of course. I'm sure you weren't going for fraudulently, after all.
    It can seem a little overwhelming at first, right? I can imagine. I've been here a few months and am feeling more comfortable than before, at least. If you have any questions, I'm no expert, but I'll be happy to try to help.
    The Flurry of Dancing Flames is definitely among my favorite characters in the game. :3 No, I don't mind. I'm going to accept it, but after we talk for a bit. That way, it just feels like it means more, to me at least. Glad you're a big fan of Kingdom Hearts. :D
    Hello! :3

    I like to get to know people better before accepting their friend requests, so let's talk first. :3 Hi, I'm MegaWallflower, many call be "Mega" or "Mega girl" for short. It's very nice to meet you. :D

    I love your avatar, by the way. Chibi Axel is so cute!
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