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Recent content by Chakolat Strawberry

  1. Chakolat Strawberry


    did all of you forget me (i think i made a thread like this a few months ago but i don't remember) ANYWAY HI I'M BACK I THINK
  2. Chakolat Strawberry

    does anyone still care about me

    yeah i haven't been here in forever and i haven't talked to almost anyone on KHI in months i'm gonna be more active now hopefully hi guys :)
  3. Chakolat Strawberry

    this is so beautiful

    CD2LRROpph0 which seat should i take???
  4. Chakolat Strawberry

    Help/Support ► HOMEWORK HELP THREAD!

    Yeah, pretty much this. And I don't remember off the top of my head what book I have, my textbook's in my locker, so I'll have to check tomorrow.
  5. Chakolat Strawberry

    Help/Support ► HOMEWORK HELP THREAD!

    Err, I'm not really sure if I should ask this her, but does anyone know how I can study for Geometry? I just find it hard to memorize proofs.
  6. Chakolat Strawberry

    BBS:FM Store Displays & Sales News

    Question, if you have save files from the original, can you automatically unlock the secret episode? Kind of like DMC3 Special Edition; if you have a save file from the original, you can play as Vergil without having to go through the game again. I kind of don't want to play through TAV again...
  7. Chakolat Strawberry

    Time you've wast---spent on this game

    borrowing Re:Coded from my friend, and... ... yeah, that's pretty much me.
  8. Chakolat Strawberry

    what have you given up.

    Last year, I bought Days the day before a big math test. I decided to study later and use a little time to start the game. I stayed up until like two in the morning playing it and I completely forgot about the test until I entered the classroom. I think I did okay, though.
  9. Chakolat Strawberry

    In what order do you like KH?

    KH1 > BBS > CoM > KH2 > Days didn't and probably won't play Re:Coded. Doesn't interest me anymore.
  10. Chakolat Strawberry

    Got the game? Want to share your thoughts? Re:coded impressions thread.

    A quick question, this game goes online, right?
  11. Chakolat Strawberry

    Oh the Sheer Epicness! BBS Secret Boss Mayhem!

    It's called using cheats.
  12. Chakolat Strawberry

    Fanfiction ► vanitas attack on regular school CNN News rea world fan fic

    Why am I the only one who thinks this dude is trolling or something
  13. Chakolat Strawberry

    How many Files does it take to play BBS?

    I started on Proud Mode. Would've started with Critical, but I didn't know crap about the command deck when I started. so 4 Proud files and 4 Critical Files. Eight files :3
  14. Chakolat Strawberry

    Ventus had an AWESOME Boss, anyone agree? *SPOILERS*

    I thought it was more epic as Aqua. Maleficent saying hell + the Encounter = yessss
  15. Chakolat Strawberry

    two friggin' years on here

    noone's probably gonna care since today's new years but damn where does the time go <3 you guise