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  • Hey Mike do you have a skype account. If you do I was wondering if I can add you on skype and we can talk on their. If you don't than its okay.
    So cool. So when can I expect a another amazing video from you and the cast
    I been great and saw your video with Jetfire. So your started back the fandub production. Thats awesome
    I keep forgetting your on here. Anyway hi Mike. I seen some of your videos on youtube. You do such a amazing job as Ven and Roxas. Oh my youtube account is drakekid7 just to let you know. Anyway its great how you and Passion did the podcast. Um just wondering when can expect another one from you two. I'm sorry if this bad of me for asking. Its just you two did such an amazing job on it. And it really got me more excited for BBS.
    I hope you got my message from my team and I on your forum to the Firapodcast. I'm sorry if some fans don't understand podcasting. But you seem to know alot about webbase. If there's anything I can do to help you out webwise or especially KH wise, which seems to be your taste, just let me know. Glad to have finally met you. My real name is Drew. I don't send that to many people on the web unless it resides on close friends on FB. Hope I can be of service to this fan site. Loved your podcast, and don't take anything personal.. alot of people didn't know but just randomly didn't like how I handled things at first. It was your first day, just get ready for your second! And to kick off Q&A's for each other. I do have 1 Q for you. When did KH start for you as being a fan? What got you so into the game?
    I don't know who JohnCasey is, but they are likely someone who has been banned from KHV/KHI or someone working at a different site. Here's their ip if you want to try searching on KHV. : ip68-230-253-153.rn.hr.cox.net Going to go ahead and ban them now. They registered just to start shit so they obviously are not a member of ours.
    Sup Man! Its great to be working with you,on the combo project! This is seriously gonna wipe the floor with the offical english cast! or somethign liek that.... Thanx for doign Ventus, Man and congrats on director status!
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