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Recent content by Cexiangel

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    Um... back, I guess?

    Honestly not sure if I actually was banned, or I just stupidly used the wrong password in previous attempts to log in. Whatever te case, I'm gonna try to avoid getting banned in the future. Anyway, hello to you guys.
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    Um... back, I guess?

    Hi. Cexiangel, AKA Acelegin. Thought I was banned from this account, honestly. But, apparently, I was able to access it again. So... that's neat... I guess I'm back here now. I'll play nice. Anyway... What's up, old pals?
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    Acelegin returns... for now...

    Hey, remember when I made that thread in October saying I was coming back and would try to get involved in this forum again? Well, apparently I'm bad at keeping promises, because here I am, almost 4 months later, and if it weren't for the fact that a forum member found my blog and left me a...
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    Been a while...

    Hey guy, it's me, Acelegin. Some of you may remember me, some of you may not, some of you may not give a rat's a**. I've been gone from this forum for a while, mainly because I got bored of it, and I decided I should start coming by more often. I've actually kind of missed this place (emphasis...
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    Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Parody Script 2

    Link to part 1; http://forums.khinsider.com/fanfiction/164771-kingdom-hearts-358-2-days-parody-script.html Part 2; Ian; Anthony! You may have killed me with a bow and arrow and poison in Food Battle 2011, but me and my Pimk-Frosted-Sprinkled-Donuts want another go! Anthony; You mean "My...
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    Dark Mecros Part 3

    Here's the links to the first 2 parts; http://forums.khinsider.com/fanfiction/157469-dark-mecros-sonic-hedgehog-fanstory.html http://forums.khinsider.com/fanfiction/157859-dark-mecros-part-2-a.html And here's the knew chapter; "I'm sorry," Mecros said. "I'm afraid I can't help you." "What...
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    Parody Script- Acelegin's Birthday Party

    In celebration of my 21st birthday, I decided to throw a massive party and invite a bunch of people who don't exist. And this script explains what happened. Enjoy. Sora; We finally did it. We caught up to that fucking dog. Donald; So what does the note say? Sora; It's an invitation to...
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    The untold Origin of Ace The Bat 6

    Link to last chapter; http://forums.khinsider.com/fanfiction/162959-origin-ace-bat-part-5-a.html New chapter; Ace couldn’t hold himself back any longer. Before Kentil or Scorpus could stop him, he leapt down to the ground between Mephistopheles and Elzama. “And who might you be?”...
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    Kingdom Hearts Parody Script Episode 20 (The Finale)

    Here's a link to the last ep; Kingdom Hearts Parody Script Episode 19 - Story | Get More Stories at Quizilla And Here's the new ep; Sora; Here it is, the last episode, the final frontier, the- Donald; Just land the damn ship, Sora. Goofy; This world must be what’s left of the worlds consumed...
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    Kingdom Hearts Parody Script Episode 19

    Link to previous episode; Kingdom Hearts Parody Script Episode 18 - Story | Get More Stories at Quizilla New episode; Acelegin; Oh my possible god, I can't believe this time has come. C-Rad; What's wrong? Acelegin; The time has co fo parodize lthat world. Mathaxsan; What world? Acelegin; The...
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    Shadow Hearts From The New World Parody Script Episode 3

    I suppose I owe this to Midget Rapi- I mean, Gilbert. Here's a link to the last ep; http://forums.khinsider.com/fanfiction/163295-shaodw-hearts-new-world-parody-scipt-episode-2-a.html And here's the new episode; Johny; Can someone explain to me why we came to the Grand Canyon? Shania; We came...
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    Kingdom Hearts Parody Script Episode 18

    Finally got the new one up. Here's a link to the previous episode; Kingdom Hearts Parody Script Episode 17 - Story | Get More Stories at Quizilla And here's the latest (enjoy); Acelegin; So, I suppose I owe an explanation as to why I've gone so long without posting. So, here's what happened...
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    Kingdom Hearts Parody Script Episode 17

    Here's a link to the previous episode if you haven't read it; Kingdom Hearts Parody Script Episode 16 - Story | Get More Stories at Quizilla And here's the new episode; Donald; Hy,does anyone know where Pluto's been this whole time? Sora; Who cares? I gous a new dog! His name is Fenton...
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    Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Parody Script

    Enjoy and stuff day 255 Axel; Hey Roxas, I bet you don't know why the sun sets red. Roxas; I have a better question: why does this game start off in the middle? Axel; Because confusing people gives the employees at Square Enix a hard on. day 7 Xemnas;Hey Mathaxsan, guess what! I cloned a...
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    giant skeletons and pinky hearts

    First of all, I'm not sure if this is the right place to be posting this, and if it's not, i appologize. there's been smething that's been kinda bugging me lateley. When I was a kid, I read this bizzare scary story involving a giant skeleton that terrorized this village. The townsfolk couldn't...